Digital Generation requested payout payments pending disappeared to available balance

Just in case you missed, according to the Chat room, many people reported old requested payout payments has been moved to available balance. There was no update of any schedule maintenance on the homepage or blog of, so what could happen? maybe short staff, they just do what they need to do to rectified the problem or enhancements? could be? no one know. The best answer people got when asked related questions to payments such as when and which processing, the answer from Admin was “soon, good news back to normal” and this the same answer Admins given for nearly a month.

That’s right as of today it’s nearly a month, and no resolution whatsoever on people can withdraw money request payout simply stayed in pending for a while and then get cancelled or something moved back to available balance, well the good news is people didn’t loose the money in coingeneration account but it just disappeared into available balance from request payout pending status. At the moment over 95% of people loosing faith with DG Digital Generation, doesn’t appear anything work other than getting your money and some program running counting some # to make it look legitimate. With the fact that there will be similar service as which is hopefully this new program coming out can expose what what’s its doing.