Digital Generation still have the same update posted on their homepage for days

Who knows how long will they release an update on this. But – the same messages they have posted for days, indicating they will send an update today which was on Sunday and today is Tuesday, it’s ok I guess to have a week delayed in updating int this case, this reminds me of Bitcoin miner Butterfly Lab where they promised delivery in 2 months, and then 4 months, 6 months, a year, then they start delivery of small amounts. Digitial Generation, according to the chat room, people are not being paid, some still cannot request payout, tickets are not being answer, so call “Admin” in the chat aren’t helpful they only help people to activate threads other than that they’re useless Admins only there to activate threads helping people to spend more money on, when asked about when payments back to normal or assist with other issues, they say to create tickets, but tickets has not been answer some even a whole month age and still no answer, which Digital Generation promised in 48 hours. At the moment, whatever Digital Generation promised, it’s not happening, they are not living up to their promises.

This is the same message posted on homepage for days. People are hoping that it will get updated soon, so people can request payout, and gain trust back and so on. No one knows why payza suspended or frozen account but most likely due to money laundering or someone reported as scam fraud hoax etc … could it also be an inside job? no one really knows. The important that most people want are coingeneration to continue operate to make money payout work, but many people in the chat room are just cry baby and some say it’s a scam and even make youtube videos poping up everywhere, making look bad worse than ever.


Current update
We will be performing a routine maintenance during this weekend, it is normal for some glitches to arise therefore please remain calm if you experience some difficulties accessing your back office.

Apart from that we have exciting news ahead, make sure to check our upcoming “Future Outlook” press release which will be e-mailed out later today.