MAC OS version released looking good?

So far so good with it does appear like it, whether they really doing some kind of developments or not may we never know, because what they posted below could be a hoax, it’s not public anywhere on technology news media, if or digital generation is indeed the world’s 15th most powerful performance computing system, would those big tech news media would know? such as CNET,, and so on, but nada! nothing! mentioned nearly 300 thousand PCs joining the network in just two months, I don’t believe this is true, since their members affiliate ID# nearly reach 300K ever since they open for business. These are not true information, but rather their strategies perhaps to get more and more people paying for threads to make money perhaps.

So maybe, it is a pyramid scam, one person join, asking for more to join, 1 or more out of 10 people would buy threads in large $, the commission will be huge because it’s 20% for 1st level, and 10% for 2nd level. As more and more people tempted and buy in get more money in than they pay out, as they reach the peak where no one else join, it will start to decline, and then at that time they will start to announce obsolete the projects or make up some kind of stories and run away with the money they got in. These are just my speculation on the negative side.

The positive side of this is that they are currently paying, although there could be problem with people whom invest thousand of dollars, there might be problem with money going in and out of merchants like payza, perfect money, and so on, by the way as I mentioned previously, forget about paypal, it will not happen, paypal US based company will not deal with unknown business moving large amount of money … so don’t expect that anytime soon. Once again once coingeneration reach its peak where it stabilized where no more people will get onboard is when they will run away with your money, so this will happen when it’s peak where the amount of money pouring in to buy threads is less than the amount of money they’re paying out is when you will see the negative side of coingeneration. There are speculation also that took the money to gamble or make more money either low risk or high risk, then paying it back to the investors in this case you folks whom paying for threads, when they loose all the money, you loose your money as well, again, no way to sue them, you are taking a huge risk! However, don’t take my word for it, do your own research, all I can tell you, or recommend to you is to don’t risk too much money, maybe buy a couple threads and go with it. Invest in something you know, less risk and publicly disclose what they’re doing with your money.

MAC OS version released
Digital Generation is the world’s 15th most powerful performance computing system, and with nearly 300 thousand PC’s joining the network in just two months, it may become the largest project in history. MAC version brings DG to new markets around the world so even more members can enjoy digital earnings today.

Mac version will be available on your download page shortly, some features may not be supported on all of our products as the developer community is still busy applying latest fixes and patches to the previous versions. Please note that versions older than 2.3 will not be supported soon, make sure to update to the latest version within the next several days.

Today, the future of computing devices starts here.

Best wishes and continued success,
Digital Generation Administration