trouble coming

There has been reported that money from or digital generation, to, although the money from coingeneration went through payza fine, but now payza are holding the funds sending misleading email such as this one below, which doesn’t make much sense, because the users already tested transferring money into payza, and then moving out of payza through bank transfer withdrawal, the email such as this one below sent out when the user tried to transfer the money again.

payza is holding money confiscated  from coingeneration payment to you

payza is holding money confiscated from coingeneration payment to you

Again, misleading is because the user already tested the process by depositing $100 or so, then buy threads from coingeneration, then requested payment through coingeneration to payza, everything went smooth, but all of a sudden decided to hold the funds for further investigation. This email below is so misleading, it is not true, it is not the first time request for withdrawal, users had done it before. Something fishy about this, doesn’t make sense, so people whom purchased threads from and make big money, watch out! although coingeneration paid, but payza or whoever you’re using may not want to give you the money and they have the right to do so, they can come up with reason not to give you the money because they can say it’s money laundering and so on.

From: Payza <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Subject: Payza: First Payza Account Withdrawal

This is an automated email, please do not reply

Dear ,

First of all, welcome to Payza, and thank you for choosing our platform for your payment needs! We have received notice of your withdrawal request. However, there may be an additional delay of up to 7 business days to process your transaction. All first withdrawals require additional checks due to internal and external regulations.

This is standard practice for all merchants for the purposes of business verification. We take this time to review your business to ensure that all of the information you have submitted to us is accurate, and conforms to our terms and conditions and the regulations set by our banking partners and the government bodies with which we are compliant.

We assure you that once this verification period is over, your future withdrawal transactions will be processed within the regular timeframe.

Thank you for your understanding,

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The Payza Team

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