released new version software v2.4 older version will not be supported

Just got an email notification from indicating v2.4 has been released! and no it’s not phishing or fishing scam software or fake email notification, but ensure to go directly to the website type in https and download the software, follow direction as indicated. However if you’re using v2.3 it’s still supported but below that no longer supported you will make no money, so it’s best to upgrade update. Recommendation was to remove old version then install new version.


From: DigitalGeneration <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, June 28, 2013
Subject: Version 2.4 released

New improved version just released, please make sure to update your software version by downloading new release from our website.
Versions older than 2.3 will be no longer supported. At the present day performance of our computing network is reaching the level of 1 petaFLOP.
Digital Generation network is developing really well and we expect the next most powerful PC to be born in the nearest future!
Security updates to members area will take place tomorrow, make sure to keep your profile updated.

Have a great day,

Digital Generation Team