scam announced it has nothing to do with

A great ending from SCAM? or is this a set up already scripted that, hey I will end my and blame it on you and then you just say that you don’t know me? How’s that?

The question is. Is still scamming more new members, as the cycle continue, this second wave of scam still happenings, dgstocks never happened, now linked to some QiWi terminal copy-cat.

Honestly I don’t know, nor if any users members from both sides know what really happens. obviously already clearly and transparently confirmed itself as a scam and closed its operation running away with all the members money who fell victims to its scam of $150, not 1000 division accounts but more like ¬†hundreds thousands $150 account, you do the match, no doubt pocketed large amount of cash via EGOPAY, and many other payment processors where you cannot dispute or file a complaint to get any of your money back. It is possible that gone away with half million dollars pocket. was upset when they loss all the Bitcoin at, ¬† SCAM team will get more bad luck, people are putting curse on admins operators whoever they are, that either them or their family members loves one will suffers the consequences of what they did to hundreds thousands of members, some are poor and hope the $150 will earn them some extra money, but it all was a scam. I believe in Karma, and karma will get back one way or another.

Official Statement
For immediate release:

Regarding the situation with

It was brought to our attention today that the website has published claims about merging with us. We officially announce that DG has and never had anything to do with ipuservices and that the ipuservices founders have never contacted us with regard to any requests, suggestions, inquiries, and so on.

Having analyzed the ipuservices software, we can confidently claim that the software they provide is unsuitable for implementation within distributed networks and is a fake that does no useful work.

We are sympathetic with ipuservices’ customers and advise them from now on to make more informed decisions when choosing a distributed network provider. We advise that they should go for properly established businesses, such as DG, rather than questionable fly-by-night companies that, unfortunately, have lately been spreading quite massively. Unlike DG, such fly-by-night companies do not operate any real business activity and focus entirely on soliciting money from trusting individuals.

Although we have nothing to do with ipuservices, we have made a decision to help those deceived by ipuservices as much as we can by providing our software to them for free or at a significant discount and by offering them the most favorable terms.

We are appealing to all cpuservices not to contact us with requests to address their IPUservices membership issues.

Stay tuned for the upcoming DG’s anniversary update – we are 1 year online and here to stay!

Have a great weekend,
DG Team