still up and running! for now LOL ;)

There are still many people signed up for coingeneration lately, how can I tell? simple. Log into the chat room at website and look at the complaint people have, cannot activate their account, no free threads and so on, and they pasted their account ID# which is also an affiliate ID# it is at almost 300,000 that # represent registered users, although could be fake just to see what’s going on Β or someone just want free threads, how about a free threads each month, $30 a month without doing much work at all, nothing to loose but gain $30 a month by just registering new account with different email and you can use same payza id account.

Anyhow, whenever I need a good LOL, I go into that chat room and see people complain and spammers in there spamming their websites πŸ™‚ recently someone stole my idea, I was going to create my own coingeneration talk, but someone took my idea already, they purchased domain and set up a forum with google adsense banners to make money off of it. I see already many people fall for it and registered there, probably more complain LOL. Well that guy would have enough traffic to make money and before you know it, he’s paying off his domain and hosting server, let’s hope is not legit so that they can’t shut down πŸ™‚