still up and running

I think I’m in day 2 or 3 of coin generation. So far so good, I got verified status and a free thread got some available balance which I can withdraw to, also got payza account confirmed and initiated 10 thread which will be activated and run this coming Friday. 10 thread $1 a thread, $10 a day thread to be exact or $300 a month, a loss during the 1st month, profit $100 during the second month, and $300 pocket every month after that!

Wow huh? well, many people predict and also my prediction, here’s what’s going to happen between now and Sept 2014. Why Sept 2014? because that’s when this coingeneration domain get expired. In no particular order, here are what I think will happen.

  1. It is paying you, but as more people trust it and came on board, the owner sees profit, and I mean big profit,  he/she will take all the money and disappear, and you can’t do crap about it, because the fool here is you, you fall for a scam LOL
  2. The owner installed a bot or some kind of undetected by antivirus software to launch a DDOS attack or use your computer IP as identity to hack other computers, possibly hack banks and stole people’s account credit card and withdraw empty all their money, and the fool here is, you! LOL
  3. The owner is nice enough will announce termination and everyone account get terminated no matter what stage you’re at, no refund, and the owner will provide good explanation and use the TOS against you since you agreed to it. Good luck suing him or her, more of like you will get in trouble not LOL
  4. What really happening is, you’re running a fake software that doesn’t anything beside monitoring your PC resources with a status bar that move up down left right, numbers jumping, message that sends and receives like SMS, all fake just for show. The money you spent will be use to buy drugs, money laundering, invest in risky stocks, gambling at a casino, invest in other business and hope to get a big return in profit to pay you but if no profit then you all go broke with the owner of coingeneration. LOL
  5. One last LOL, I’m among one of you, don’t risk all your money here, I would recommend one thread just for fun, $20 to $50 a year isn’t much to loose, max I would spend is $500, but don’t even go there! Good luck, LOL! 🙂