Coingeneration v2.6 for windows has been released ready for download

Just in case anyone missed, since the main website of Digital Generation,, didn’t post this new update that they released version 2.6, it is there if you go to download you will see it’s 2.6 Although version 2.3 still being supported to v. 2.6, but I think eventually version 2.3 will no longer be supported like previous version prior to 2.3

What does this meaning really? meaning that version older than 2.3, if you run it, it will probably not work, you will not make any money. So what’s the different between the versions? who knows, only coingeneration author of the program would know. To many users, all they know is that, it’s not detectable as a virus or malwares or anything like that, it’s a program that have # running, seeing your system resources usage, sends messages, and off course communicate who know what information back and forth with the centralize server somewhere outside of the USA.

It’s not fully classified as a scam, fraud, hoax, ponzi scheme, pyramid scam whatever. However many believe that they can shut down at anytime and run away with people’s money, so it’s better to be on board now than later, at least make some money before they closed down. Do not invest a tons of money on it, it is not registered business, although showing multiple offices address, but those addresses are virtual office, including the phone, anyone can get these virtual office easily anywhere in the world.