Give Digital Generation a try with 30 days free thread

Despite my previous blog about Digital Generation. I’m going to give it a try, a 30 days free thread. So far I signed up for it, and initiated the sms text validation, I sent the code back and so far nothing, will give it 24 hours or so see if they’ll ever approved or verified my account, and then I will start the threadmanager software downloaded. To be on the safe side, I will be installing a fresh new OS, with nothing on it, just to run their software to see if anything happen and make any money for the first 30 days then report it back to y’all.

NO! I’m not like those other people whom talk about Digital Generation and then leave a link for referrals so they can make money without know if it’s legit or not or staying with them long enough to determine, if you want to then go ahead not me 🙂