January 26th 2014 8:30AM EST Chat log from coingeneration.com SCAM

11:00:07 PM Duckets: Rxishad, are you expecting to withdraw the rest soon?
11:00:27 PM Duckets: Rxishad, it will be interesting to see if they let you withdraw your profits too….
11:00:38 PM Duckets: you haven’t even broken even yet…
11:00:43 PM Maninhopower2013: dg not last a week and the site will be off
11:00:45 PM Rxishad: DG If you do not give new users quit, then no one will continue to invest, not the founder of the investment, it is difficult to withdraw founder
11:01:37 PM Rxishad: Oh, anyway, I withdraw once the capital on the back, close the door does not close, there is no relationship between the
11:01:48 PM Duckets: what or where is paxum 2 anyway?
11:02:20 PM Rxishad: If DG normal door, so every day I have been making money, which is invested
11:02:55 PM Duckets: Rxishad, you’re not making money (profits) until you pass your $20K investment
11:03:20 PM Duckets: Duckets, that’s 400 threads…you must have lots of computers 😉
11:03:20 PM Rxishad: I do not care DG have closed, at once withdrawn, I’ve got it back, I did not close the door on the loss
11:03:48 PM Duckets: Rxishad, lets hope you don’t lose,,,let’s hope you make profits too!
11:03:49 PM Rxishad: Duckets, I have 10 computers
11:04:24 PM Duckets: Rxishad: you got a lot more money to play with than I do too
11:05:00 PM Maninhopower2013: but most people in this loss
11:05:37 PM Duckets: Rxishad, you’ve got 7 grand left to go,,,to break even…then profit after that – hopefully
11:07:19 PM Duckets: Rxishad, scary! good luck!
11:07:34 PM Kerguru2: DG IS VERY BIG SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11:13:12 PM Cumile: hi the stocksdg com working?
11:14:56 PM Teosanru: hi
11:15:41 PM Duckets: how are people able to withdraw money on yellow light?
11:16:50 PM Cumile: Duckets, virtual only nobody get payments
11:17:48 PM Cumile: we are all making just virtual money lol
11:21:34 PM Teosanru: hello, no one has been paid?
11:22:11 PM EnGaWy: is that possible?????????
11:22:27 PM EnGaWy: DG is scam
11:23:05 PM EnGaWy: i’m new but from what i saw here,i’m worried
11:23:07 PM Teosanru: having more than 10 threads here
11:24:16 PM TMOFF: hi
11:26:19 PM Teosanru: I am also new here, and I’ve invested so concerned comment
11:33:01 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: the last day of dg is september 17th 2014
11:33:14 PM Teosanru: I am also new here, and I’ve invested so much negative comment concerned, having more than 10 threads?
11:34:04 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: you should keep your money go buy nice dinner for your family or love one don’t spend on dg
11:34:55 PM Teosanru: I spend lol
11:35:10 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: any new members already have threads just keep on cashing out payout daily do not reinvest or invest more
11:36:16 PM Teosanru: mmmm
11:37:38 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: and please do not refers more victims to dg
11:37:59 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: you’re hurting other people hard earning money
11:38:52 PM Duckets: BigggAndLongggHotDog, not as long as the newbs stay on Trial period
11:39:13 PM Duckets: they’re making free money!
11:39:36 PM Mrppt: Duckets, hi
11:40:06 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: Mrppt, you stil here with dg huh bro?
11:40:08 PM Duckets: Mrppt, yo
11:40:27 PM Mrppt: Duckets, how can i make this free money i need it lol
11:40:34 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: alogn with john woo the greatest chinese actors
11:40:39 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: i mean fil producers
11:40:50 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: film
11:40:59 PM Duckets: Mrppt, if you are a newb
11:41:09 PM Duckets: 30 bucks all yours
11:41:49 PM Mrppt: darn it you mean i get to do this without getting paid lol i been here since june 18th lol
11:41:55 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: easy just reset your IP# clear cache from your computer and uninstall old TM and get new account trial 30 days 🙂
11:41:58 PM Teosanru: hi i just checked that I could remove via Paxum
11:42:21 PM Duckets: they;ll catch them if they try that
11:42:41 PM Duckets: they have to use same gateway / exchanger to get money
11:42:51 PM Duckets: DOH!
11:44:00 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: wow i’m still earning several hundreds a day with dogecoin yippeee
11:46:55 PM Rxishad: BigggAndLongggHotDog, Now the trial has not withdrawn thread
11:47:29 PM Lerf99: nooooooooooooooooooo
11:48:09 PM Lerf99: DG IS A BIG SCAM
11:48:28 PM Teosanru: DG has paid me five minutes ago Paxum
11:48:28 PM SERVER: you have connected to USA
11:48:55 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: Teosanru, good just keep on payout cashing but do not invest anymore
11:49:57 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: i believe only people with id # aboe 500k are new members
11:50:39 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: anyone with id# less than 500k are old members sukking their thumb now getting no proper payout since June 2013
11:51:02 PM Lerf99: DG put a big message when I try get my money….
11:51:21 PM Teosanru: I am a former member 5 hours just to make money invested
11:51:47 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: founder stock members must suk dg dic to get paid 🙂 lol
11:52:06 PM Goats100ofem: Lerf99, if DG are scam how come i have made a nice profit?
11:52:10 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: even that doesn’t work now it’s totally dead
11:52:53 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: Goats100ofem, good for you bro go educate yourself google search and understand the situation
11:53:22 PM Goats100ofem: i have been paid EVERYDAY this week and i’m founder
11:53:35 PM BigggAndLongggHotDog: lol ok bye 🙂
11:53:48 PM Lerf99: Goats100ofem, I´ve tryed get my profits (U$ 3
11:54:24 PM Goats100ofem: BigggAndLongggHotDog, even if it does close i will have made over 200 bucks m8. I just hope others don’t loose money
11:54:24 PM Lerf99: Goats100ofem, U$ 3
11:54:50 PM Teosanru: I think you are making bad comments of DG to be used Dogecoin
11:55:33 PM Goats100ofem: i sit for ages making requests , sometimes for an hour but i get my money every day
11:55:57 PM Lerf99: Goats100ofem, I have 3k in profits and I´ve tried get a penny since August 2013
11:56:40 PM Teosanru: Goats100ofem, how many threads are you?
11:57:01 PM Lerf99: I became a founder for try get a piece of shit of my profits and nothing
11:57:14 PM Goats100ofem: i only have 7 threads and most were paid for with earnings so i’m not a big player
11:57:39 PM Goats100ofem: Lerf99, i do understand your situation my friend
11:58:22 PM Lerf99: Goats100ofem, me neither….
11:58:25 PM Teosanru: I am not the founder, just invested in 3 threads, and I do it in more, depending on how you see the issue, 20 minutes ago I dg payment through Paxum
11:59:14 PM Lerf99: Goats100ofem, but You are new user….
11:59:49 PM Goats100ofem: Teosanru, stick with your 3 threads till we know what will happen m8
12:00:28 AM Duckets: I find that hard to believe
12:00:33 AM Goats100ofem: Lerf99, no i’m founder with 54 stock
12:00:56 AM Teosanru: year and a half not reversed, when comments were submitted as now, and look at all the lost time
12:01:03 AM Goats100ofem: Duckets, what is hard to believe?
12:01:30 AM Lerf99: Goats100ofem, good to know….and I´m founder with 75 stocks…or better….shares…
12:01:34 AM Duckets: newb with 3 paid threads getting paid via paxum
12:01:40 AM Duckets: its yellow
12:02:14 AM Duckets: and no other paids are getting paid, like me…
12:02:28 AM Teosanru: g for me Pagao can see it in the checkout page
12:02:53 AM Duckets: I aint gettin paid either….frustrating
12:03:03 AM Goats100ofem: support said pax2 is for new members so yes new members will be paid
12:03:30 AM Lerf99: Goats100ofem, DG is thinking I´m stupid…….but they will see….
12:03:30 AM Duckets: yes, newbs get paid..I got paid when I was a newb
12:03:47 AM Goats100ofem: members who did not become founder are not being paid
12:04:12 AM Goats100ofem: founders are getting paid but not every time
12:04:38 AM Lerf99: Goats100ofem, in my case….August 2013
12:04:57 AM Duckets: Im founder, and aint getting paid…
12:05:01 AM Duckets: no time
12:05:07 AM Duckets: at any time
12:05:26 AM Teosanru: which is a founder?
12:05:26 AM Goats100ofem: Lerf99, also i think people who invest thousands of usd on the internet are bloody daft
12:06:22 AM Duckets: Goats100ofem, 100 goats? daft? what part of the world are you in?
12:06:38 AM Goats100ofem: Teosanru, people who were here almost from the start. We were given stock instead of our threads
12:06:44 AM Teosanru: jajaja
12:07:11 AM Goats100ofem: Duckets, Bulgaria m8 Crime central of the EU lol
12:07:15 AM Lerf99: Goats100ofem, …but becareful with DG
12:07:20 AM Teosanru: I see I was too early on, not only for fear that invested before
12:07:27 AM Duckets: hah! cool!
12:07:35 AM Duckets: goats….
12:08:14 AM Duckets: Im flipping threads, only paid in $20 so far and I have 4 threads as of today
12:08:35 AM Goats100ofem: Lerf99, i am not giving DG a single cent m8 I’m well in profit so every time i get paid now it’s a bonus and if i don’t get paid it’s cost me nothing
12:08:52 AM Lerf99: well I just sent a email for ADMIN. I´ll try cancel my account and re-sell my shares for them…..my patince its over
12:09:27 AM Goats100ofem: Lerf99, Good luck my friend
12:09:36 AM Lerf99: Goats100ofem, thats it….make money with their money….wise guy
12:09:40 AM Duckets: Lerf99, good luck with that man
12:09:58 AM Teosanru: good should have invested in binary options
12:10:25 AM Goats100ofem: internet investment is very frustrating because we can’t go and see them in person with a baseball bat
12:10:27 AM Duckets: I should set up my own cloud and charge everybody for it! LD
12:11:57 AM Lerf99: thanks…..with them dont give me a solution I´ll foward my case to authorities….FBI, PFB and others…
12:12:19 AM Kbareeintnetmu: how to become founder?
12:12:32 AM Duckets: join the mafia! 😀
12:13:50 AM Lerf99: owwww…..for finish….read the msg below everyone….they put this msg when I tried get my payments today:
12:14:43 AM Lerf99: The Most New DG BullShit: Dear users! In the light of the current state of things and our future strategic plans we find it necessary to inform you of the changes in the way we …
12:15:12 AM Lerf99: somebody see this msg too?
12:15:31 AM Teosanru: ?
12:15:36 AM Teosanru: nop
12:16:10 AM Hpombo: i see
12:16:22 AM RafaelSimaoPT: Me 2
12:16:23 AM Teosanru: but a user of a forum called forolockerz, who tells him that message has gone out of
12:16:36 AM Goats100ofem: Although we have been doing everything possible to sustain payouts to all our current members, the total daily amount of payouts has exceeded our capacity to sufficiently top up…
12:16:54 AM Goats100ofem: BULLSHIT
12:16:54 AM Hpombo: now they sell atm bitcoins
12:17:26 AM Goats100ofem: I’m so glad i made on this because i think it’s over now
12:17:44 AM Goats100ofem: it’s all bullshit
12:18:01 AM Lerf99: Hpombo, YES………and they developed this ATMs with our money….
12:18:16 AM Macar: ахахахах супермегакомпьютер )))
12:18:30 AM Goats100ofem: i’m turning off TM right now
12:19:02 AM Lerf99: and now they ´ll try make you a me, sell this big shit
12:19:02 AM Macar: маланцы опять всех сделали )))
12:19:27 AM Lerf99: Goats100ofem, sorry man…..its reality…
12:19:35 AM Goats100ofem: Macar, super mega shit m8
12:20:07 AM Macar: Goats100ofem, мы сами дураки….
12:20:17 AM Goats100ofem: Lerf99, i feel so sorry for all the nice people who have lost money with this
12:20:23 AM Duckets: Goats100ofem, where did yu get that report from?
12:20:47 AM Macar: не надо ложить яйца в одну корзину
12:21:12 AM Goats100ofem: Macar, English please.. Yes we are fools to believe in DG
12:21:16 AM Macar: я в другом фонде поднял больше чем потерял здесь
12:21:21 AM Duckets: English please
12:21:47 AM Goats100ofem: Duckets, try and withdraw and that is what you see
12:21:47 AM Macar: Goats100ofem, прости брат
12:21:50 AM Goats100ofem: Macar, english please
12:22:10 AM Macar: я Русский
12:22:10 AM Stocks: daily income 5% http://goo.gl/WDTVdg
12:22:14 AM Lerf99: Goats100ofem, relax
12:22:35 AM Macar: говорю через переводчика
12:22:37 AM Goats100ofem: https://coingeneration.com/founder/message/
12:22:56 AM Goats100ofem: Lerf99, i’m chilled m8
12:23:20 AM Duckets: Goats100ofem, thats not what I saw when trying to withdraw
12:23:41 AM Goats100ofem: Duckets, you founder
12:24:00 AM Chefesseria: dg is finished
12:24:06 AM Goats100ofem: new members will not see that
12:24:13 AM Duckets: Goats100ofem, I cant access that link
12:24:16 AM Goats100ofem: Chefesseria, yes
12:24:20 AM Chefesseria: losed 90 usd in this shit
12:24:20 AM Lerf99: Goats100ofem, try get ALL you can FAST….
12:24:30 AM Duckets: guess not…hmm
12:24:34 AM Goats100ofem: Duckets, because you are a new member
12:24:46 AM Duckets: I’m a few months old and I am paid…
12:24:56 AM Duckets: paid threads I mean
12:25:18 AM Goats100ofem: Duckets, get what you can m8 but do not re invest
12:25:39 AM Duckets: Goats100ofem, cant get nothing out
12:25:52 AM Goats100ofem: Duckets, 🙁
12:25:53 AM Duckets: try many times
12:26:04 AM Duckets: anyway,,,,
12:26:13 AM Chefesseria: i’ve losed 90 usd only because the day that i sended the gift i was drunken
12:26:24 AM Lerf99: https://coingeneration.com/founder/message/
12:26:24 AM Duckets: thought this might be a new twist on HYIPs
12:26:45 AM Roberto: LOL
12:26:48 AM Duckets: all HYIPSs rip off!
12:27:08 AM Goats100ofem: Chefesseria, the demon drink lol
12:27:34 AM Lerf99: ALL, read the message and get away from DG right now: https://coingeneration.com/founder/message/
12:28:00 AM Goats100ofem: Lerf99, only founders can see the message
12:28:21 AM Lerf99: its true……..
12:28:35 AM Chefesseria: i seriously hope that all the dg staff go soon in jail, but i think this is not possible
12:28:54 AM Lerf99: maybe others can see too….its my hope
12:29:02 AM Chefesseria: because laws dont works
12:29:11 AM Duckets: bye for now,,,bed time
12:29:31 AM Chefesseria: but they will burn in hell
12:29:39 AM Chefesseria: this is sure
12:29:40 AM Teosanru: lol
12:29:51 AM Lerf99: Chefesseria, agree!!!!
12:30:30 AM Chefesseria: bye all brothers
12:30:46 AM Lerf99: bye everyone and BEWARE with DG…..the beast that eat your money….
12:32:14 AM Goats100ofem: sleep well
12:33:56 AM Teosanru: jajaja
12:37:24 AM Catyy999yahoocom: not pay out
12:37:44 AM Catyy999yahoocom: not pay out when pay out
12:38:58 AM Goats100ofem: Catyy999yahoocom, it looks like they will not pay anyone again 🙁
1:16:24 AM Goats100ofem: https://blockchain.info/ip-address/
1:17:25 AM Goats100ofem: That is DG ISP it shows how much they are making using our PC’s TURN OFF TM NOW!
1:18:54 AM Goats100ofem: 431a8ce1018205a1e45b4f7e813550b1ae3db21428d0d5d245f6bd568013af0b2014-01-24 15:36:49 13v5XpVT83c27mmdPEtHaZfEvWFg4nCndA 1DuTVhV7g2SYtcRJ62uHS53uumFYVGTcuS € 245,637.41 1JUv6F1di…
1:20:38 AM Goats100ofem: TURN YOUR TM OFF NOW
1:36:15 AM Ratan Suthar: Cant able to cashout.whats happening! ~_~
1:36:43 AM SeRious_SAM: test
1:36:59 AM SeRious_SAM: I really wish i should have never changed to Founder Status..
1:37:49 AM SeRious_SAM: Non-Founders are still withdrawing like anything.. I am jealous.. Cant help.. Human nature..
1:38:12 AM Ratan Suthar: What is the advantages..of founder…im a founder….and my stock balance is 95$..but i cant cashout ~_~
1:38:35 AM SeRious_SAM: Ratan Suthar, This will remain till 2016.. lol
1:39:03 AM Willy2013: just imagine; i invested 300usd on this and i have not goten even a single penny. and now no payouts. my goodness
1:39:05 AM Ratan Suthar: wtf lol
1:40:01 AM Ratan Suthar: Now Founder advantages is u cant cashout ~_~
1:40:08 AM SeRious_SAM: Willy2013, I invested over 100USD and could cashout only 40USD.
1:40:41 AM SeRious_SAM: Non-Founders are cashing out like. 200USD, 500USD and even larger sums
1:41:12 AM Ratan Suthar: then why i cant able to cashout in Egopay 2
1:41:22 AM Ratan Suthar: that is green
1:41:44 AM SeRious_SAM: Ratan Suthar, Egopay2 and Paxum2 is for NON-FOUNDERS only
1:41:51 AM Ratan Suthar: sad
1:41:55 AM SeRious_SAM: i.e. New Members..
1:42:26 AM SeRious_SAM: They have taken loads of money from us and now they are giving it in free to Non-Founders.
1:42:41 AM SeRious_SAM: DG has cheated their loyal members..
1:43:02 AM SeRious_SAM: If they have some money left, they should stop paying Non-Founders and start paying Founders..
1:43:18 AM Ratan Suthar: but the Priorities ..should be Founder only…not non founders
1:43:25 AM SeRious_SAM: Saale Time aur Paiso ki Maa Chod daali
1:43:58 AM Ratan Suthar: lol
1:44:06 AM Ratan Suthar: u from india?
1:44:23 AM SeRious_SAM: Yup bro.. Mumbai..
1:44:32 AM Ratan Suthar: lol navi mumbai here 😀
1:44:44 AM SeRious_SAM: Lol\
1:45:07 AM SeRious_SAM: Seems we are the only Indians here who raise their voice
1:45:23 AM SeRious_SAM: Bahut mast tarike se Chodu Banaaya.. lol
1:45:23 AM Ratan Suthar: Krejiwaaal ko bolo ~_~
1:45:36 AM SeRious_SAM: Lol
1:48:16 AM Tyuiop: daily income 5% http://goo.gl/WDTVdg
1:51:17 AM Julia25: hey everyone
1:51:46 AM Julia25: at the begining, when the founder option was started
1:52:04 AM Julia25: only founders had the option for a cashout
1:52:10 AM Julia25: and this for a longer time
1:52:17 AM Julia25: non-founders had to wait
1:52:43 AM Julia25: and to be a founder does not say to be cashout
1:53:03 AM Julia25: it is saying that it has a priority
1:53:17 AM SeRious_SAM: Julia25, I guess if you consider the time
1:53:27 AM Elenaargirovabggmailcom: #580240
1:53:36 AM Julia25: yeah of course
1:53:40 AM SeRious_SAM: Non-founders had more time to withdraw
1:53:45 AM Julia25: it is looking to nice
1:53:49 AM SeRious_SAM: and they are still withdrawing..
1:54:13 AM Julia25: if you are sitting the whole time in front of it and waiting that it went green
1:54:46 AM Julia25: you can withdraw
1:54:58 AM Julia25: maybe you have the luck to withdraw
1:55:11 AM Julia25: and even it is green
1:55:24 AM Julia25: it is not a garanty
1:55:48 AM SeRious_SAM: Founders can not.. Whatever way you try to withdraw.
1:56:11 AM Julia25: many non-founders complained that they could not, reasond with the message “process not possible at moment”
1:56:37 AM Julia25: i had this often too
1:57:22 AM Julia25: i dont want to take much support for one party
1:57:31 AM Julia25: i only say that both sides had their time
1:57:37 AM Julia25: and it is always given to one
1:57:48 AM Kalyan74: привет!
1:58:40 AM Kalyan74: че за хрень ещё они выдумали?
1:59:07 AM Julia25: thats all
2:00:25 AM Kalyan74: русские тут есть?
2:01:33 AM Nata43: есть
2:02:48 AM Kalyan74: Nata43, че за банкомат они выдумали и что делать не в курсе?
2:03:59 AM Kalyan74: кто в курсе объясните пожалуйста…
2:04:58 AM Nata43: денег приходит меньше, чем приходит… вот и ищут выход, но что и как они собираются мутить с атм не понятно
2:05:12 AM Nata43: выходит т.е.
2:06:34 AM Nata43: тут все очень мутно… много тех, кто не вкладывал совсем, вот и получаются проблемы, схема далеко не идеальна
2:07:02 AM Nata43: причем корректируется по ходу
2:07:54 AM Nata43: спасет ситуацию на мой взгляд только резкий взлет курса биткоина
2:08:34 AM ClickBetter010: New wallet DG>>>http://goo.gl/YtGt0x
2:10:42 AM INSPECTOR: ClickBetter010, fake
2:30:42 AM Agentw4b35: Founder account’s have a priority to payouts and no daily limits.
2:30:47 AM Agentw4b35: 🙁
2:34:15 AM Tyuiop: daily income 5%,paying http://goo.gl/WDTVdg
2:36:00 AM ZyyrO: Где этот МУДАК в красном
2:36:42 AM ZyyrO: ПИДАРИЛО лживое – SUPPORT
2:37:44 AM ZyyrO: Его теперь и резкий взлет курса биткоина не спасет!!!!!!
2:38:33 AM ZyyrO: Когда ему в пасть монитор 17 с акциями засовывать буду
2:39:32 AM Tyuiop: 200% system http://goo.gl/csE4l8
2:44:08 AM Anoteros: ErnestG, they spam bcz they want to fish desparate users
2:44:14 AM ZyyrO: Where we SUPPORT EME priority ass poking WILL!
3:00:05 AM Ottobres67: hy
3:02:08 AM Vrosnet: Hi there. Is there an WebAPI or similar. I want to get the available balance and current balance and display it on an LCD on an Arduino Uno so I know at a glance what my balance…
3:03:10 AM 445566: SELL YOUR PC POWER ▇ ▇ ▇ …..https://secure.slicify.com/Sellers.aspx?ref=moonprison2
3:04:53 AM Vrosnet: Also if I use the normal page I will have to write an neural-network to decode the captchas too so API would be best if there is one.
3:08:04 AM Vrosnet: How to I remove stale referals. IE referals that are not planning on doing anything?
3:08:35 AM GabrielFounder: why some people can withdraw? and when i try to withdraw i get this message about ATM???
3:08:39 AM Vrosnet: I have a few users that I would like to delete as they are not going to do anything and would just prefer users that are using the system.
3:08:51 AM Elystelyn: GabrielFounder, i too dont understand that….
3:09:32 AM GabrielFounder: Elystelyn, or that withdraws from gateway is fake? :))
3:14:33 AM Inovare: ежедневный доход http://goo.gl/kzxFl2
3:16:00 AM John_Woo: 335544, !!! :DD
3:23:35 AM Leonidas: Hallo.Why else have a selection 2,5,15,41,300 USD and me only! ” Dear user “I want answers!!!
3:24:28 AM Leonidas: Hallo,Why else have a selection 2,5,15,41,300 USD and me only! Dear user of “I want answers!!!
3:24:28 AM Goats100ofem: John_Woo, hi m8. Looks like this is the end. I have turned my TM off
3:25:09 AM Leonidas: Pomoc!!!!
3:25:41 AM Leonidas: Help!!!
3:27:11 AM Exik07cz: Leonidas, tu ti nikdo nepomuze
3:28:44 AM Spiderman: atm ???
3:28:53 AM Spiderman: ai nooooooooooo
3:29:10 AM Spiderman: i dont want no atm pfff
3:29:15 AM Ottobres67: hy
3:29:34 AM Kluh1271: DG-пиндосы людям головы морочат уже год!
3:29:56 AM Spiderman: want my money i am founder pffff non founders can withdraw a lot of money and founders cannot
3:30:12 AM Drzka: Want to have your own Bitcoin …! Daily and 1BTC. Verified. ! http://MyBitcoinJob.com/?id=martinholly167
3:30:21 AM Spiderman: change it to non founder this iss not fair
3:31:02 AM Drzka: Want to have your own Bitcoin …!!! Daily and 1BTC. Verified. ! http://MyBitcoinJob.com/?id=martinholly167
3:31:40 AM Spiderman: i am turning of mine too this cannot be founder promisses again and again not met
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3:32:46 AM PAVLITO47: I have turned my TM off
3:32:46 AM Ottobres67: freee freee free paying paypal http://www.gatwin.com/?code=IT001213A
3:32:52 AM Drzka: Vuoi avere il proprio Bitcoin …! Giornaliera e 1BTC. Verificato. ! Http :/ / MyBitcoinJob.com /? id = martinholly167
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3:34:59 AM Eduzz123: If you al read carefull ATM project is a good idee GOOD JOB DG
3:35:11 AM Eduzz123: all
3:36:02 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: STOP many, STOP system! DG is MAFIA!
3:38:17 AM Exik07cz: ty si tez takova mafie 😀
3:38:30 AM Eduzz123: I think tha CHAT should be stopted many users are discouraged HERE
3:38:30 AM Elemarpangayyahoocom: TEST
3:41:12 AM DeniseCZ_SK_13: Drzka, ahoj
3:42:12 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: Nazdar hoši, tak co si myslíte, bude to normálně fungovat, nebo už to zabalili??
3:42:37 AM DeniseCZ_SK_13: kdo ví?
3:42:58 AM INSPECTOR: zabalili
3:42:58 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: dvojky jedou stále..
3:43:16 AM INSPECTOR: blokli im paypal
3:43:32 AM DeniseCZ_SK_13: Tofijirkovseznamcz, ale ne všechny mám noví a tenneplatí
3:43:59 AM Azuzula: každý ráno jsou výběry, tak snad to ještě vydrží
3:45:16 AM Drzka: Want to have your own Bitcoin …! Daily and 1BTC. Verified. ! http://MyBitcoinJob.com/?id=martinholly167
3:45:32 AM DeniseCZ_SK_13: už se v tomčlověk nevyzná
3:45:32 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: Tři dny jsem nevybral ani cent!
3:46:16 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: američani na ně prej chystají hromadnou žalobu..
3:46:22 AM DeniseCZ_SK_13: Drzka, to je taky letdlo jak dlouho bude fungovat
3:46:50 AM DeniseCZ_SK_13: Tofijirkovseznamcz, jo slyšel jsi to
3:47:08 AM Exik07cz: jsme v prdeli
3:47:43 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: kdo má systém 2 ten prý může vybírat, kdo není akcionářem, tak také..kdo je má po píči..
3:47:43 AM DeniseCZ_SK_13: žádnej suport zmizli jako smradi
3:48:32 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: suport nikdy nebyl..
3:48:32 AM Exik07cz: ti se tu neukazou bo je ukamenujem
3:48:49 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: říkám suport nebyl nikdy..to je jako házet hrách na stěnu..
3:48:58 AM DeniseCZ_SK_13: ale vždyt nás gumovali z chatu
3:49:18 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: a te´d už ani negumují??
3:49:23 AM DeniseCZ_SK_13: se divim že funguje chat ještě
3:49:48 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: Takže jim to napíšu pěkně od plic:! Vy zmrdi koukejte vrátit prachy!
3:49:48 AM Leonidas: Hallo support,why a have only “dear users” and others teak 2,5,41,300 USD?
3:50:22 AM Exik07cz: priprav si to v anglictine at nejsou zmateni 😀
3:50:46 AM DeniseCZ_SK_13: seru nakaždýho
3:50:51 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: mrdám je do ucha! Já jim to napíšu rusky!
3:50:51 AM Exik07cz: na to ze jsme DEAR USERS tak s nama pekne vyjebali no
3:51:11 AM DeniseCZ_SK_13: DDD
3:52:27 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: воры, сволочи!
3:53:28 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: na čase jim to vypnout, hlavně manažera!
3:54:04 AM Exik07cz: to uz je davno… jen se klikatkem udrzujou nostalgicky denni vyplaty
3:54:53 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: vuidíme za pár dnů, jestli zmizí i tento web, pak je to jasné..
3:55:27 AM Exik07cz: ja bych rekl ze nezmizi tak brzy… novacci nemaji ani tucha co se deje
3:55:33 AM Exik07cz: na blogu o akcionarich neni ani pismenko
3:55:52 AM Exik07cz: jen pri vyplatach lakadlo… prejdi a budes mit prioritu 😀
3:55:52 AM Drzka: Job for everyone ..! Want to have your own Bitcoin …! Daily and 1BTC. Verified. ! http://MyBitcoinJob.com/?id=martinholly167
3:56:48 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: sem to holt s tou prioritou posral..
3:57:03 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: ale těšímě, že nejsem sám..
3:57:32 AM Exik07cz: mne taky.. 😀
3:57:53 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: by mě zajímalo, jestli maj v tom Los Angeles ještě nějakou kancelář..
3:58:29 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: ale třeba tady nadáváme zbytečně a od pondělka to pojede, jako by se nic nestalo..
3:59:23 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: lituji ty, co si na to vzali nějakej ten provident, či homekredit..
4:00:55 AM Sustr222: Nechapu jak napisi ze se ceka na banku v cine ze uz to bude a pak bum to je proste mazec
4:01:24 AM Sustr222: pak jeste psal support ze prej budou veliky zmeny a mame se na co tesit ale v dobrym to jsou pice
4:01:33 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: prostě oblbují lidi..
4:02:04 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: a tak jsme se těšili..
4:02:13 AM Sustr222: kdyby to ty hovada omezili aspon na tech 10 dolaru tak vsichni nadavaji ale bylo by aspon na svacinu do prace 😀
4:02:48 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: omezeno na 10 USD to bylo..
4:03:00 AM Sustr222: no prave kdyby to tak nechali aspon
4:03:19 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: no když nemaj, tak nemaj defraudanti!
4:03:19 AM Azuzula: měli ty limity uvolňovat postupně, třeba na 50denně, pak 100 atd
4:03:51 AM Sustr222: vcera tady padla nejaka nova stranka ze pry to je stranka DG tak nevim. Bylo to neco o kreditkach a bankomatech k bitcoinum
4:04:01 AM Azuzula: a ne aby tady někdo vybrat 4tisíce a na ostatní zž nezbylo
4:04:06 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: ono to prej šlo pak zase bez limitů, asi jsme je zahltili, ale to, že nemaj na výplatu, mě nezajímá..
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4:04:34 AM Sustr222: ja myslim ze si to musi spocitat kdyz to povoli a vidi kolik lidi maji na uctech tak s tim musi pocitat kolik maji vyplacet
4:04:46 AM Sustr222: jako tech 4500 dolacu to jsem malem spadnul ze zidle
4:04:55 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: spočítat?? Když neodpovídají ani na saport..
4:05:25 AM Sustr222: Tofijirkovseznamcz, napad to byl asi dobrej ale nejak jim to nevyslo
4:05:41 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: asi tak nějak..
4:06:58 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: jestli to dělali nějací študentíci, jako mi to mockrát připadalo, tak se ani nedivím..
4:06:58 AM Satman44: get into bitcoin minning dont have to wait to get paid s k pe paulotav2 for help to start
4:08:44 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: je tu možnost udělat si ten systém 2..
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4:09:01 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: Hejjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj!
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4:09:15 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: Zajíci, jen počkej!!!!!!!!
4:09:19 AM Sustr222: Tofijirkovseznamcz, borec psal ze ma 6 systemu 2 a nejde mu ani jeden ucet
4:10:13 AM Tofijirkovseznamcz: tak pak je to opravdu v prdeli, zavřeli krám a zapoměli nám to říct!
4:11:06 AM Goats100ofem: Just what we all want on Sunday morning. To be ass fucked by DG
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4:15:54 AM INSPECTOR: Drzka, drzka je ot ojeb… neni to 0,01 btc ale 0,01$ takze drz picu a zajeb sa
4:16:16 AM Exik07cz: INSPECTOR, lepe bych to nerekl 😀
4:16:28 AM Sustr222: jsou to curaci, kdyz prijdu za rok sem tak to tady nebude nebo zase bude omezenej vyber 😀
4:16:40 AM INSPECTOR: Exik07cz, lol 😀
4:17:33 AM Exik07cz: Sustr222, za rok tady bude omezene IQ
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4:19:17 AM Exik07cz: Drzka, tywe tahni uz s tim…. pres ten tvuj balast nevidim co spamujou ostatni
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4:21:16 AM Tvbcd: Drzka, nice
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4:36:36 AM _G_u_c_o_6_9_: Payza again? 🙁
4:39:34 AM Satman44: only for new guys the ones that are the birds investing now
4:40:15 AM Satman44: dont worry in time they get fucked like us founders.Just a question of time
4:43:09 AM Goats100ofem: test
4:43:41 AM Goats100ofem: Drzka, what sort of tasks ?
4:44:01 AM Dickie: Why wish the new guys get fucked becaused we did??
4:44:30 AM Bluerain: Goats100ofem, you have to refer others
4:44:39 AM Goats100ofem: Dickie, wish we could warn them
4:45:02 AM Bluerain: Drzka, go away Drzka with your scam site
4:45:11 AM Dickie: we all have to hope that the program does not crash
4:45:39 AM Goats100ofem: Bluerain, thanks
4:45:50 AM Dickie: Bluerain, we can warn them but they wont listen we didn’t
4:47:00 AM Dickie: Bluerain, we all are looking for cash to have a good life some of us more than others
4:47:18 AM Dickie: thats why we are trapped here
4:50:16 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: What is this spammers paradise
4:50:27 AM PanYan: nechavate thread manažery bežať? alebo uplne rezignujete?
4:51:48 AM PanYan: je to teda iba vcielka?
4:52:34 AM PanYan: asi som prisiel neskoro…
4:53:13 AM TaqEdit: salut
4:53:19 AM TaqEdit: des francais ??
4:55:24 AM Agentw4b35: Drzka nevěřím tomu 1 btc denně
4:55:33 AM Agentw4b35: test
4:56:08 AM TaqEdit: il y a des francais ??
4:57:10 AM Drzka: No promises but regular pay Bitcoin. End of DG see this. ! Daily and 1BTC. Verified. ! http://MyBitcoinJob.com/?id=martinholly167
4:57:14 AM INSPECTOR: 2014-01-26 04:32:31 #613079 $11.64 Payza luha***********.cz
4:57:33 AM INSPECTOR: payza work?
4:57:52 AM PeaceKhanzxz: DG has become a good platform where users are advertising other businesses. Big shame !
4:59:13 AM PeaceKhanzxz: But shameless don’t feel what shame is! See u guys in 2017.
4:59:21 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: Why is everyone saying end of DG, arent you used to freaky changes by now
4:59:30 AM PeaceKhanzxz: My kids will come here to withdraw my funds!
4:59:55 AM Drzka: Agentw4b36, Hey. So you should believe!! I’ve gone 2 BTC. :::
4:59:55 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: every business that wants to sustain itslef is doint changes
4:59:59 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: comapnies are restructuring
5:00:04 AM Drzka: Agentw4b36, Hey. So you should believe!! I’ve gone 2 BTC. :::!!!
5:00:13 AM PeaceKhanzxz: Takecare everyone!
5:00:38 AM Agentw4b36: já nechávám tm běžet, aspon opticky chci dosáhnout 00 threadů, ještě 14 dní..sice je to asi blbost ale co kdyby…
5:00:38 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: only thing i dont understand why DG hasnt put in place withdraw to BTC
5:01:01 AM Agentw4b36: 100 threadů pardon
5:01:12 AM TaqEdit: DG is on the rise ???
5:01:24 AM PeaceKhanzxz: ComputercoinsDotCom, Withdrawals if stopped for founders
5:01:24 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: they post sale of 2200 BTC, why give us btc, let us worry about exchanging them
5:01:43 AM PeaceKhanzxz: ComputercoinsDotCom, Should stop for everyone.
5:01:51 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: PeaceKhanzxz, I know i have the message about ATMs too
5:02:18 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: I will take the ATM and be an operator , for me its a good deal (but this is just me)
5:02:57 AM PeaceKhanzxz: ComputercoinsDotCom, withdrawals if stopped for us Should stop for everyone also If it is affecting DG profitability
5:03:03 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: i only dont understand the part where attractive locations will get the ATM, others will have to pay for it ?
5:03:28 AM PeaceKhanzxz: ComputercoinsDotCom, how will you order one ?
5:03:34 AM TaqEdit: I am not a founder, today ly software run always and I have my payment !!
5:03:34 AM DeniseCZ_SK_13: Agentw4b36, po půl noci nastavit…potom zase vypnout a ráno chvilku nechat běžet a zase vypnout…
5:03:39 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: considering my locations that is already arraned in 24h,i shuold get 3 ATMs for free 🙂
5:03:56 AM DeniseCZ_SK_13: Agentw4b36, stači připsat výdělak
5:03:56 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: PeaceKhanzxz, I guess the ordering part will be available when stocks market is finished
5:04:58 AM PeaceKhanzxz: TaqEdit, yes it was mistake becoming founder! u can laugh on us.
5:05:07 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: we will see what end of january brings
5:05:11 AM PeaceKhanzxz: ComputercoinsDotCom, when payments for founders will be resumed?
5:05:11 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: TaqEdit, You are unable to withdraw as a non founder
5:05:29 AM Bigboy: io no non mi serve a ninete se non rimborsano poi
5:08:11 AM Drzka: No promises but regular pay Bitcoin. End of DG see this. ! Daily and 1BTC. Verified. ! http://MyBitcoinJob.com/?id=martinholly167
5:08:28 AM Agentw4b36: Drzka, ok tak jsem se přihlásil ale nechápu odkud ty bitcoiny pocházejí, to jako jen rozdávají bitcoiny bez práce ?
5:08:28 AM PeaceKhanzxz: Cexio is better There we can buy GH Create BTC and we can trade too
5:08:42 AM PeaceKhanzxz: https://cex.io/r/0/peacekhan/0/
5:09:17 AM TaqEdit: If DG stop for one time the payments, maybe the compagni can go on the rise ??
5:09:31 AM PeaceKhanzxz: i am thankful to the guy who i met on DG who introduced me to cexio
5:10:21 AM PeaceKhanzxz: anyway Guys im out, Good luck to everyone We hope DG resume our payouts soon. Godobye
5:10:35 AM Goatsdead: http://dollarsflowsystem.com/?ref=solstice they are paying and it’s instant
5:11:14 AM Trusihka: я русский мне пох
5:11:22 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: PeaceKhanzxz, Cex is nice if you get a good pridc for Ghs
5:11:46 AM Trusihka: я русский и мне пох
5:12:27 AM Elstavd: ComputercoinsDotCom, Ghs are now cheap
5:12:32 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: I am not about to quit just becuase of another change, DG didnt say they are bankrupt they just say they cant sustain the payouts this way
5:13:10 AM Perseus: it is unfair to pay non founders and do not pay founders who were forced to become founders loosing almost all threads
5:13:10 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: Elstavd, 0.04300 (not cheap for me
5:13:30 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: i got mine for 0.0312
5:13:59 AM Elstavd: ComputercoinsDotCom, my first ghs I bought around 0.07 when I joined
5:14:19 AM Elstavd: ComputercoinsDotCom, 0.043 is cheap for mee
5:14:25 AM TaqEdit: DG = best sorry
5:14:31 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: DG should build a mining cloud (a phisical) and then converte founder funds to Ghs 🙂
5:15:04 AM Elstavd: ComputercoinsDotCom, dg is already using our pc power to cloud mine
5:15:12 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: then send us daily BTC and kepp like 2-3% commisions
5:15:52 AM Perseus: where are the supports?
5:15:52 AM Elstavd: ComputercoinsDotCom, they should just pay us in btc
5:16:12 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: Major fails in administration are: No limit on threads, trial threads, a software to benchmark a user pc
5:16:27 AM Dickie: ComputercoinsDotCom, those btc atms have many legal issues to operate publicly you will have to do it underground
5:16:50 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: after benchmark a cap on user thread count based on the pc performance
5:16:56 AM Dickie: and chance going to jail right now
5:17:06 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: Dickie, Depends on where you are from
5:17:11 AM Goatsdead: they got over 250,000 usd on blockchain yesterday
5:17:43 AM Drzka: No promises but regular pay Bitcoin. End of DG see this. ! Daily and 1BTC. Verified. !!! http://MyBitcoinJob.com/?id=martinholly167 !!!
5:18:14 AM PeaceKhanzxz: Elstavd, are you using cexio ?
5:18:19 AM Goatsdead: no sorry it was fucking Euro
5:18:19 AM Dickie: ComputercoinsDotCom, most countries even USA many legal issues
5:18:20 AM Goatsdead: https://blockchain.info/ip-address/
5:18:35 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: Drzka, min payment 1BTC good luck getting that , have any proof, webiste is like a 9 year odl build
5:18:40 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: no ssl
5:18:49 AM TaqEdit: if i am not a founder I can always use DG ??
5:19:00 AM Elstavd: PeaceKhanzxz, yup
5:19:01 AM Goatsdead: so 250000 Euro
5:19:16 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: TaqEdit, use threadmanager or withdraw ?
5:19:25 AM PeaceKhanzxz: Elstavd, since when ? no problem of withdrawals ?
5:19:55 AM Elstavd: PeaceKhanzxz, since december
5:19:55 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: Goatsdead, Looks like BTC deposits from all over the world
5:19:55 AM TaqEdit: Just TM
5:20:04 AM Elstavd: PeaceKhanzxz, they pay in btc
5:20:04 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: members paying with BTC for threads
5:20:08 AM TaqEdit: maybe after withdraw are back !
5:20:35 AM PeaceKhanzxz: Elstavd, with how much i can take start there The minimum
5:20:55 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: i am sticking around i still think DG is a great prosperous project
5:21:01 AM PeaceKhanzxz: Elstavd, how much GH shall i buy 1 is enough ?
5:21:05 AM Elstavd: PeaceKhanzxz, there is no minimum
5:21:14 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: shure i am not happy with change, but we are humas we adapt its in our nature
5:21:28 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: PeaceKhanzxz, hell no at least 25 Ghs
5:21:28 AM Elstavd: PeaceKhanzxz, to make it profitalbe you should buy more
5:22:03 AM Elstavd: PeaceKhanzxz, i have 27 Ghs and get abou 0.015 btc per day
5:22:26 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: Elstavd, hehe exactly the same number as me 🙂
5:22:35 AM Drzka: No prometo nada, pero Bitcoin pago regular. Fin de la Dirección General de ver esto. ! Diario y 1BTC. Verificado. ! Http :/ / MyBitcoinJob.com /? id = martinholly167
5:22:36 AM Elstavd: ComputercoinsDotCom, lol
5:22:40 AM PeaceKhanzxz: Elstavd, if i take a start with just 1 GH will it be still profitable ?
5:23:08 AM Drzka: No promises but regular pay Bitcoin. End of DG see this. ! Daily and 1BTC. Verified. ! http://MyBitcoinJob.com/?id=martinholly167
5:23:19 AM Elstavd: PeaceKhanzxz, it will take forever to earn enough to buy second ghs
5:23:33 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: Drzka, Post prof (you say no promisses but regular pay)
5:24:06 AM Elstavd: PeaceKhanzxz, my gaol is to have at least 100 ghs before I start withdraw
5:24:19 AM PeaceKhanzxz: Elstavd, i.c so 2 GH or 3 GH or 4 GH i have money problem thats why i need ur opinion on this
5:25:01 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: Golder rule with BTC never keep it in a single place, there is so much theft in the btc industry its scary
5:25:38 AM Elstavd: PeaceKhanzxz, dont’t need to buy them all at once i started with 300 first month and 200 euros second month
5:26:28 AM Elstavd: PeaceKhanzxz, and buy ghs when price is low
5:26:53 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: PeaceKhanzxz, or buy 1 red fury dongle every month if you know how to handle cgminer
5:27:09 AM TaqEdit: when are back the withdraw ??? (i am french)
5:27:21 AM PeaceKhanzxz: Elstavd, yes i understand i want to take start with less possible investment and don’t know how much to invest so that i can buy more gh with it
5:27:21 AM Elstavd: PeaceKhanzxz, and did a little bit of trading with ghs sell high then buy low
5:27:47 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: TaqEdit, nous n’avons aucune idée
5:28:16 AM PeaceKhanzxz: Elstavd, yes i am teaching Forex so i know the trading concept of Cexio of GH/BTC
5:28:39 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: this is hard to look at Total balance: 23538
5:28:52 AM TaqEdit: il reviendrons un moment ?? DG n’est pas totalement fini ??
5:29:58 AM Elstavd: PeaceKhanzxz, just invest what you can invest even if its $20
5:29:58 AM DeniseCZ_SK_13: http://MyBitcoinJob.com/?id=denise911
5:29:59 AM PeaceKhanzxz: Elstavd, so im only confuse that in the beginning how many GH shall i buy so it can generate profit and i can buy more gh with that profit
5:30:12 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: TaqEdit, i like to call the current situation a hickup (as DG is eating too fast thats why constant hickups)
5:30:32 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: PeaceKhanzxz, You firs tneed to get bitcoins
5:31:21 AM PeaceKhanzxz: Elstavd, alright now i got you!
5:31:22 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: DeniseCZ_SK_13, any payment proof
5:32:13 AM Elstavd: PeaceKhanzxz, If I have 27 ghs and make a profit of 0.015 btc per day it would take 3 days for me to get enough to buy more ghs
5:32:13 AM PeaceKhanzxz: ComputercoinsDotCom, yes BTC-e.com i will buy there
5:32:48 AM Elstavd: PeaceKhanzxz, just trade with your ghs you will make more easily
5:33:43 AM PeaceKhanzxz: Elstavd, Thankyou very much for explanation
5:34:21 AM TaqEdit: DG ne va pas disparaitre ?????
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5:37:27 AM Adam19880516: As wages are calculated on the available balance, if I use the Thread Manager on two computers in one day? for example, use the first 8 hours in the morning and then two hours i…
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5:42:05 AM Elstavd: PeaceKhanzxz, youre welcome
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5:45:21 AM Sustr222: DeniseCZ_SK_13, cau co to je za odkaz co posilas?
5:46:13 AM Sustr222: DG END
5:47:27 AM Goatsdead: Sustr222, yup
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5:49:11 AM INSPECTOR: Filipprottoerazz20, is fake and you are fake too
5:49:31 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: INSPECTOR, +1 Like
5:49:31 AM INSPECTOR: DeniseCZ_SK_13, je to fake
5:49:45 AM INSPECTOR: DeniseCZ_SK_13, namiesto 0
5:49:56 AM Sustr222: INSPECTOR, dneska neco najit z ceho kapne aspon neco je fakt tezky
5:49:56 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: Filipprottoerazz20, my little boy can make a better webiste with his eyes closed
5:50:44 AM INSPECTOR: Sustr222, ale neni treba mat firmu a makat
5:51:38 AM Sustr222: INSPECTOR, tak to je pravda ale nejaky privydelek jako bylo tohle by se hodilo skoda ze je asi konec
5:52:35 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: Have a nice sunday everyone
5:53:08 AM Exik07cz: nejake tipy?
5:53:09 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: Tommorow is a brand new week , we will see what DG has instored for us
5:53:48 AM ComputercoinsDotCom: Bye bye DG crowd
5:54:37 AM Sustr222: Exik07cz, bohuzel. Jediny co opravdu vim ze funguje je firma wor(l)d
5:55:00 AM Sustr222: je to nejaka firma ktera nabizi reklamu do mobilu a solarni elektrarnu nekde, znamy si tim vydelal 1,2 mil. za rok
5:55:22 AM Macar: привет всем обманутым ))))
5:57:01 AM Macar: все приутихли….
5:57:17 AM Macar: здесь кто откуда ?
5:57:24 AM Syed80: https://secure.slicify.com/Sellers.aspx?ref=ahamedzsyed
5:57:25 AM Exik07cz: to asi nebude pro nas to prave
5:57:33 AM Macar: я из России