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This is the latest news posted on blog. I wonder what kind of validation, because I highly doubt that anyone would have access to others payza account other than knowing it exist or he email account of payza. So maybe the validation is within system not much of on payza’s side. It is good that coingeneration doing the check on their side, wondering what they’re checking though, maybe checking to see if one payza account was use for multiple DG account, but this is legal and acceptable based on admins respond, however this may change! will see. Also what if you Payza account currently being on HOLD, will you be able to request payout from DG?

Notice: Payza Refund Requests (30/08/2013)
By Pedro on Sat, 08/31/2013 – 01:44
Payza Refund Requests

We are in process of account validation of users that have funded via Payza, once the process is completed you will be able to request your payout.

There are approx. 1,000 open disputes at the moment and to avoid duplicate payments to users that have already requested their refund we need to perform the validation of all Payza funded accounts.

Until the situation with Payza is completely resolved and we may limit some countries for withdrawals, this is a temporarily measure and we want to assure you that all payments will be back to normal once we resolve the status of open disputes that we currently have.

Yours truly,
Digital Generation Administration

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