Latest news from Digital Generation DG payments will be back shortly

The long waited people might get some good news, even better news it this does happens by next week. The reason I don’t want to say today or this week end because DG has been incorrectly estimated their progress, so let’s keep it safe, I say safe to say by next week payment should be back to normal. However I will not be surprise if a lot of people will be able to get payout or withdrawal pending to approval because the volume of payout will be very large, maybe we’re talking about in a millions of dollars here due to back log. For most people they want to get paid right away for whatever reason, those probably are kids with few dollars to withdraw, for many people whom have 100 threads, they must have accumulated to over more than $4k to $5K USD by now, these folks are likely have the patient to wait for long time they don’t mind as long as they get paid. I will not go into the detail this time, let’s focus on the real update, real progress, and see if DG will indeed deliver by next week. If they did so, obviously DG is here to stay and will proven themselves once again, and will take a bite out of the competition such as and a few other similar one trying to copy DG. DG as far as I know the first of its kind.

We’re configuring our API to resume Payza payouts today, please check your account shortly.
There is still unresolved situtation with accounts that have open disputes left therefore all
payouts for these accounts will be temporarily blocked.
All other users are welcome to request payouts of their earnings once the gateway is setup.
In order to expedite all payouts we reserve the right to perform internal shift between your
available and current balance to reduce exremely high payout volume we experience at the moment.
We kindly ask you to cancel your pending request and submit a new withdrawal request via Payza
to proceed with your payout. You will be able to void your previous order within the next few hours.

Thank you for your extraordinary patience,

Truly Yours,
Digital Generation Team