My prediction with life expectancy is 1 million

For those of you been getting good pay from through payza, perfectmoney, and so on. BTW don’t expect paypal, paypal will shut down in a flash due to unknown operation of business, my guess. OK so what this prediction of 1 million. 1 million is the # of registered members, so far as of today, my prediction is about 300,000 with just 700,000 to go and it’s increasing rapidly, mostly due to fake account being created just to get $30 free thread.

With little known business about also known as digital generation, it will not survive for long, it’s waiting for a big meal for say. Most likely there will not be someone buying a $1million threads because payza probably don’t allow that or has restriction, so we most likely will not see it, but it’s legal for multiple payza account $10,000 each transactions can end up in the million $ in no time. The fact that indicated there isn’t any limit enforced at the moment on restriction how many threads you can buy, but the restriction is from payza and others applicable merchants like payza.

Bottom line, with the amount of information available on digital generation, all I can say is it’s a big risk! especially for the last batch of people join the program and pay them in large $ to buy threads, and also a big risk for greedy people whome purchased threads make money and then use that money to buy more threads since they see it as easy money! well my friend, you’re making a big mistake! don’t do that, until clearly indicate exactly what they’re doing.