New error messages when request payments from Bank Transfer?

There is a new error message pops up when users tried to request payout payments from, in particular to egopay, paxum, and so on … all these processors some users will noticed the error indicating. Unlimited payments request per day but the maximum they will pay is $100 a day via payments processors egopay paxum and so on. If you need to withdraw more than $100, then use Wire Transfer, however with Wire Transfer no one had reported successful transactions, nor even if it really work, it was there all this time, but no history of anyone ever reported that it work.

Payment cannot be done

We are unable to process your request at the moment, please check back later. You may request as many payouts per day as you want however please note that maximum payout amount per user is currently $100 per day at the moment.
We kindly request to withdraw amounts greater than $100 via bank transfer.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

So it might be a good idea to try, however questions first: The Wires Transfer tab at the bottom required your real identity that matched with the bank, so might be a good idea to ask DG support to see if it will be a problem for you use your family members account to receive payment via Wire Transfer, which have a different name on the profile account. So might want to watch out for that, as may disable or suspend your account due to fraud.

The good news is look like DG is working to resolve issue through trial and error, they don’t know which methods or which approach work best, but they are trying, although it’s not totally transparent, but something is going on. SCAM? yes many people said so, but look at they disappeared without a trace, gone with people’s money. Now the only thing to do is to report to and if enough people report, they will jail and punished the owner of and everyone involved related working for the owners and its staff members might enjoy a short period time in paradise hiding having a blast but enjoy while they can for next few years they will be running and get captured their life will suffer, their family will suffer, and basically it’s not worth it for after90days to do that. So people that looses money on HYIP, hop on to and report it, no harm to you, benefit to you and punishment to all everyone related to work at all staffs members even the web hosting companies and domain registrar of will get punished as well. So report now to the