One more day to go before coingeneration will announce another update whether payment situation fixed

For many folks been waiting patiently with latest update from, as they’ve mentioned in their homepage membership ┬áthe following.

Payza: Congratulations to all !
Situation with Payza is almost resolved, we are setting up a new business account to resume payments for all countries. All limitations will be waived as soon as our balance is transferred to the new account. We expect Payza to finish their background and due diligence checks of Digital Generation to complete our business account verification by August 23rd.

Hopefully this is good news and come true, as many understodd this as payment will possibly resume by August 23rd although it’s not exactly indicated, could be more further extension due to real unforeseen trouble. It has been strange lately, has been up and down, including threadmanagers, but it has been stable. The login page had the captcha included now probably prevent ddos and probably security prevent user account breach!. Many reported that the Credit Card system was a fake, it never worked, just for show as they’ve tried to get in house credit card processing method. Then another question, if only payza was problem then why so many people with no payza account requested payout still not getting paid? Problem has not been rectified for over 1 month.

Many loosing faith began filing disputes to at least get their money back. Those folks with little knowledge about computer but have money to invest and was tempted and got in with $5000 to get 100 threads, but now their money get stuck in there and no way to request for refund since it passed 7 days policy. However if they deposit via Payza and less than 30 or 45 days they might be able to request dispute. You cannot easily create dispute with EgoPay, Bitcoin, and other similar services where they take no part in dispute, once transaction go through that’s that. But – wait! there might be possibility as more and more services to help you get your investment money back by asking third party for help, I believe they will help you recover your money back with fees I’m sure. And then, there’s the authority such as FBI and interpol if the scam is in the millions of dollars.

Anyhow, many users hope that it doesn’t come down to disappeared leaving the website in limbo and so does threadmanagers, no one operating it until the domain died. Hope this will not be the case, still there are some high hope based on membership homepage update. We all keep our finger cross for this week end, I believe it’s safe to say do or died, this probably the closest safe to say scam or not, many wonders what will be the reasons for another delay this time.

In addition many Hyip ratings websites now are adding and users began to rate them, and guess what? you got it, not paying, SCAM, closed, all negatives, but I strongly believe DIgital Generation DG can stood up again!