Only 100 threads per account can be purchased at

Just in case you’re not up to date with also known as digital generation. There has been reports and confirmation that only allow a purchase of 100 threads maximum. So whoever said, either on youtube videos or blog is not true that coingeneration allow purchase of unlimited threads. Only 100 is the maximum. Again only 100 threads can be purchase per account at For those greedy people, you can cheat by creating multiple account with multiple IP addresses and use multiple physical address, who know one day will track down cheaters and off course if coingeneration didn’t shut down any time soon LOL.

I don’t know why people are investing 100 threads for this high risk money transfer, it is super risky, unknown company, no historical of credibility, a virtual office phone# and virtual office location that anyone can get with fake information, most likely have a good programmer to program the software and designed their integration with the website, and off course multiple identity or people with multiple payza, paxum, ego pay, perfect money, and so on, once one account reach its limit of allowable per month transaction, they will switch to a different account and the cycle will keep on going until they shut down. But, again, this is just speculation, since this Digital Generation isn’t a real company, most of the news they released are not true, such as about they’re the 15th biggest super computing computer in the world, I wonder where they get that data from? Nothing from technews indicate at work, perhaps they provide the super computer power to another company? such as IBM? LOL.