[Paying DG Stock Founder] Coingeneration.com has been paying consistently instantly for weeks and now released better news

Coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG. Just in case you missed this news below, published earlier today on members homepage and eventually will be on the blog also. Coingeneration.com has been paying its DG Stock Founder members consistently and instantly! however there were some small problem with some users where the payout withdrawal didn’t go through, stuck in “in process” users created ticket, got respond within 48hs but not resolved. Created another ticket to the right department, such as billing may help, will see if problem persist.

Now back to the news below. I got one thing to say about Bitcoin. Yeah! People spent large amount of Bitcoin per threads. At the time, the bitcoin price were below $100 per BTC, now a couple months later, Bitcoin price at over $1000 per BTC, that’s 1000 times higher, so yeah they’re making big money with Bitcoin. based on the block information, they’re transacting 25 Bitcoin per day previously, so you do the math.Coingeneration.com should have more than enough funding or profit to keep their business running if they sell these coins now, or maybe sell it partially. What would be disappointing could be they sell the bitcoin and kept it to themselves and not reinvesting in the business to keep it growing.

Some positive outlook indeed, but again, this operation can go downhill and uphill anytime, there isn’t any guarantee, so invest carefully! Again look like Coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG are indeed back on paying its members that converted their available balance to DG Stock and became Founder, but members realizing gave up their balance was painful, but it was the only way they can get payment again. Some don’t feel the pain because they already profit or already had their return of investment back.  For many other members were painful because right after they spent $5000 (USD), coingeneration.com went NOT PAYING for over 4 months. In the end Coingeneration.com came up with DG Stock Founder and it’s back to paying. For now, I recommend people to go ahead and join, but be wary, only invest in small threads, not too much, definitely don’t invest in money you cannot afford to loose or need in a couple months. Think of it $50 here and there that you save or don’t need just sitting around doing nothing. Go for it and keep reading my stupid blog 🙂 for news and update.

DG – Right Time, Right Place
Firstly, we would like to mention the success of Bitcoin, which has actually positively affected our situation as well 🙂
DG remains true to it’s leadership plan in the market and we’re proud to support Bitcoin develop it’s perfect and bright future along with us. Pleasant surprises do happen sometimes and we are all set now the get the system to work as initially designed. Hooray!

The process of negotiations with Payza regarding our daily payout volume requirements is in the final & pre-approved phase so we expect to have our limitations increased within the next few days. To minimize our current costs associated with EgoPay funding we’ve increased the transaction fee for EgoPay up to $1,50 per withdrawal request.

As for the rest, 3D secure payments are being added to our credit card funding gateway, besides that there are additional payment methods coming up in 2014. So far we believe the success is on our side again and we’re pleased to share our great emotions with all DG members and wish a profitable and exciting experience!

We look towards productive performance of our network and hope to see our beloved affiliates to spread the word of success around the world.All Founder members may expect an excellent performance of their stocks in the nearest future as we get our tanks fueled up to take you up in the sky.

Leadership isn’t just important – it makes all the difference.

Truly Yours,
The Management