[payout in process status] Coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG payout request went into in process

Look like confirmation indicated that many users encountered problem with payout withdrawal request from coingeneration.com.

11:28:44 AM Markmorrisappleson: SUPPORT_DG_16, why my payment now say “in process” I have been getting daily payment without any issue for a week now it doesn’t work
11:29:15 AM Giogio: SUPPORT_DG_16, new version for mac ?
11:29:22 AM SUPPORT_DG_16: LMFAO, that pending value was converted on stocks
11:29:27 AM _JohnWoo1_: Aftabpk25, no i can’t i am user like you sorry – if uploaded already just wait…
11:29:27 AM LMFAO: SUPPORT_DG_16, thank you
11:29:46 AM SUPPORT_DG_16: Markmorrisappleson, try later
11:30:22 AM Aftabpk25: _JohnWoo1_, thank you. Its my third day already still waiting.
11:30:25 AM Markmorrisappleson: SUPPORT_DG_16, $27 said “in process” after I requested instead of instant
11:31:01 AM _JohnWoo1_: Aftabpk25, fresh user 🙂 welcome!
11:31:14 AM SUPPORT_DG_16: Markmorrisappleson, maybe wallet dont have funds temporary. please try again later
11:32:13 AM Markmorrisappleson: SUPPORT_DG_16, how can I try alter when it’s already withdraw to “in process” status like the bank transfer i used to see “in process”
11:35:40 AM SUPPORT_DG_16: you cant change wait.
11:37:48 AM Markmorrisappleson: SUPPORT_DG_16, thanks I will wait then any idea how long to wait for payment to process for “in process”?
11:40:13 AM Silano: SUPPORT_DG_16, mac version?
11:40:25 AM SUPPORT_DG_16: maybe hours.

Sadly, many people high hope that coingeneration.com new strategy would be back to normal for all members but apparently not. Some users after receiving consistent payout encountered a “in process” and when asked to support, they don’t know the answer and can only guess. Imagine if this happens to many people, all payout goes to “in process” and never get approved, people would be loosing money a lot of it.