Request payout payment no longer available at Digital Generation

Could this be the end? Digital Generation showing it’s true face? They disabled or removed the link to request payment or request payout from your available balance? A tons of people kept on repeating asked repeated question that request payout no longer available to click or request, but Admin in the chat, did not answer, if they did then the answer must be it’s temporary unavailable, and I wonder why? only payza have problem not egopay or paxum or EFT, oh wait, these services will suspend also right following payza footstep! you betcha!

I think that if Digital Generation in real business, they need to consider limit the transactions request for each services such as payza max per day 1000 in and 1000 out for instant. Look at probux, they limit paypal to certain # of request to prevent problem with money laundering and possible suspension.