Today is the 23rd of August will releases any news today or this week end?

How can people be so sure that if indeed payza approved new coingeneration DG Digital Generation account and the money from old account will be transferred to new account, how confident are we that they have enough money to pay the users when they couldn’t even pay the users today with other payment processing. Another question would be, how can people be so sure that they’re not just going to withdraw whatever money they have be done with it gone away?

Here is my prediction. Based on the announcement digital generation DG made last week, I believe they will keep their promise to provide some kind of update today. However I don’t think they can pay everyone, if they did pay then it will be selectable group of people, maybe to the people that have not gain back their investment yet, or to those that never got any payment and so on, I don’t see how can make payout 100% within a week, if they pay at all.

Most likely will release news on the progress with Payza, still pending maybe and provides another date. The news published last week does not mean that people will get paid, it simply mean that payza doing background check new DG account before activating it for full use. It is true that DG and Payza are making communication, confirmed by many users.

Least likely that will shut down totally although there were a lot of broken promises and the disappearance absent of Admins in the chat room. New credit card processing never work. Wire Transfer never confirmed to work. Other payments processing never work, let alone Payza, if it’s Payza problem then why other people with no payza payment never get paid?. So on and so forth.

Lastly, for all, be faithful, all companies will encounter problems down the line, as long as they’re working on resolving issues, updating although not working out as they update but as long as it keep going and they’re not closing down or hiding, then there are still hopes.