Well folks what I can I say Coingeneration.com indeed are paying but tricky instant payout request

Just in case you missed. Coingeneration.com Digital Generation DG posted a new blog, basically the same content as it was appeared under the members homepage. Many people are reporting getting instant payment but it’s very tricky. When members have money to payout, and members in this case mean legitimate verified, they can request payout if they see the payout button, but then the trick is you got to do it at certain time or sometime based on your luck and sometime based on if the buttons for payout like you or not. If it doesn’t like you then it will give you error messages such as “Payment cannot be done” “only allow 5 payments” and so on.

Some people also tried to be funny by saying it ALIVE, those payout buttons are ALIVE! it play hide and seek LOL. Anyhow the main thing is payment do work instantly sometime, tickets don’t get responded though, maybe 10% of the ticket get responded.

4:28:58 PM SUPPORT_DG_06: Graslavi, If you do not see any payments buttons or if you see error payments is because we are refund our accounts. Keep trying. Withdrawals can only be made from 5 to 5 hours.