Cointellect instant dogecoin payout indeed was back for many members but questionable

So what’s going with Cointellect? Well first, the news published on Cointellect in regard to instant Dogecoin payout is back, is true, and many members confirmed with proof. However there is a problem with backlog payout requested.

The backlog of Cointellect payout requested via Dogecoin still in pending mode for days. Although Cointellect said that it will get processed, but it’s still pending. In the message published by Cointellect News indicated that these pending might get cancelled and be will get sent back to the members users account, so far that have not happened yet, still in pending.

The instant Dogecoin payout was great news for many cointellect members, some thought that it was the end of cointellect. Cointellect now have a lot of hiccup on payout earning and on mining poool, it is the reason causing concern for members users because it’s a similar scenarios to which scammed members just few months into the program.

Cointellect can make this work by being consistent, but apparently they’re not. Cointellect can succeed if they don’t have problem with the mining pool. Cointellect can succeed if they don’t have problem with earning payout, and now something doesn’t seem quite right about the relationship between cointellect and cryptopay. Did cointellect ran out of fund EUR to deposit to cryptopay and thus causing the issue with withdrawing Bitcoin from cryptopay? or is it real problem with API, I don’t understand on how something was working before and nothing was change to cause to not working today.