[Fixing Loading … problem] IPUservices members encountering loading… and earning problems fixing in progress

Many people grew concerned about the ever ending loading … for a couple days or since version 2 released. Loading … status has been an issue for many if not all members. The other issue is Earning not being recorded correctly on the software and on the website, which also being fix. No ETA. According to respond from Forum admin, the IPUServices are working on the bug fix.

A lot of people are now speculating, this was done on purpose for extending the No Earning fraud method, providing the reason it’s being a scam. However there are still a lot of people have faith and understanding. So, stay calm everyone, think of it as like the obama care website, where it launched and no one was able to register get the medical care they need, and we’re talking about government website here not ipuservices.com, still has many problems and took weeks to sort through.