Here’s another good reason why HYIP investors should invest with just released new news update. Now it has a fanpage facebook page. This is evidently they’re new, but apparently you can see that their website are very professionally designed, and function securely. Noticed the withdrawal request required you to enter pin # and you cannot type it in, you would have to click the pin # keyboard, this is extra security prevent from being hacked. I believe that are professional HYIP investment program, had many previous experience with HYIP and could potentially be one of those HYIP that went SCAM and go a way, but it’s no surprise, everyone know about HYIP should know how they work. It’s similar to gambling, you place a bet and win or loose, but with HYIP it’s a little bit different, you can be smart and not greedy, consequently you will profit. Unfortunately many people are greedy, seeing it working, and continue to reinvest and compound, in the end they didn’t even withdraw a penny and the program go away.

I highly recommend invest now, before too late. New reliable, long lasting life HYIP will this, probably will last longer than topcapitalist after90days and so on.

From: Genius Capital Limited <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, November 25, 2013
Subject: Facebook Page & Website Translation Poll

Dear ,

We hope you’re satisfied with our investment services. Our team would like to announce the following:

1) GCL now has its own Facebook page, please like us and feel free to post anything related to Genius Capital Limited.

2) GCL team wants to hear your opinion regarding the translation of our website. Please vote for your desired website’s language version only once. The language that gets the highest amount of votes will be the first secondary language introduced to GCL after English.

Thank you for being with Genius Capital Limited!

Yours Sincerely,

Ralph Bancroft (Director)
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