IPUservices.com latest version download still BETA but appears to familiar with coingeneration.com

Look at the screen below and judge for yourself. IPUServices.com latest Beta software program, people installed it and tested it, but a day later they get the Trial Period expire, didn’t this ring a bell? HELLO! it’s coingeneration.com copy cat!. WELL! stop! this is just BETA version, maybe they’re just testing something, don’t jump into conclusion right away now folks. The real coingeneration.com copy cat is coinbeez it has the same exact concept as coingeneration.com launching in November so watch out for that. Although the author or owner of IPUServices mentioned that they’re well aware of what the other site are doing (coingeneration.com) and they’re not in the business of copying them. In fact this is the FAQ section:

FAQ says:
Do I have to pay for “Threads”?

No – As a standard member, you never have to pay for anything – we pay you. If you wish to upgrade to a Regional or Division Account Manager, there are annual fees involved – but the income potential increases dramatically.

Well then, what does it mean below?

IPUServices.com have trial thread simular to coingeneration.com?

IPUServices.com have trial thread simular to coingeneration.com?