It’s Monday for most region Why Cointellect still have 30% fees?

*** update *** just moment ago, people are reporting cointellect removed that Sunday 30% fee commission.

Cointellect started 20% fee on Friday night, to them it’s Saturday maybe in Europe. Then Saturday night, 30% fee (commission) enabled, and right now many regions are on Monday, and still the 30% commission fee still exist, is Cointellect cheating?

So what consider as weekdays for Cointellect? Monday to Friday? yes, but Cointellect don’t look at it this way, it appears that many members have 4 days of daily withdrawal of Dogecoin or no fees commission charge, not 5 days. Is cointellect cheating? not caring? or simply not understanding what weekdays are and weekend are?

By the way, I just want reiterate that the 20-30% fees for earning withdrawal at cointellect was mentioned to be for Holidays only, but then extended to Weekend earning withdrawal for less than 10EUR, then now extended for all withdrawal earning on Weekend don’t matter if you withdraw 10 cent or $100 EUR still 20-30% fee commission applied. Furthermore, cointellect weekend appears to be three days, not 2 days, started Friday night, and ended Monday morning? Does look good Cointellect, you’re not being a professional.