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With the fact that topcapitalist.com had gone SCAM, nobody is running or maintaining the website now. Topcapitalist.com is now a ghost website, on autopilot until it get shut down by domain register, data center, or someone within will shut it down, change its registration to completely private or anonymous and disappear. This is very much similar to after90days.org and Malaysian HYIP websites.

So what’s the alternative now? any website that look similar to topcapitalist? and will last very long time? YES there is, and in fact more professional Geniuscapital, only been out for 3 months or so, and expect to be around for years similar to topcapitalist, so get in and get out fast, if you want to stick around and make more money safely, then use the profit you make and invest with it. Pay attention to the news and update it has, most of the time toward the end, it will announce major improvements but actually it’s an attempt, the last attempt to get more people to invest and existing investors to invest more, don’t do it! if you want to be safe, don’t be greedy, just invest what you consistently invest. Sadly, not too many people would follow this basic rule and in the end suffers the consequences.

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