[Paying] IPUservices has been paying it’s members and scheduled to GO LIVE on November 11th or around that time no delay expected.

Make money on or around November 10th 2013 folks. Sign up now, sign up for Division Account to get pay more, you will be given referrals for free as well a long with $1. Division Manager is what you want to get before November 10th, on that date the price will go up.

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Some good changes & good news –

November 10th-11th is still looking good for actual launch and no more BETA – All will be LIVE and EARNING.

Look at your running IPUS Process on your computer, and also log in to your account on the website – you will see that the figures/earnings are actually running, filling in, keeping correct numbers. Now you can see what you will be earning daily / weekly.

We finally received our Security Certificate for our software. What this means is that installation will be MUCH smoother, with no warnings or anti-virus interference.

Version 2 – NOT BETA – will be downloadable on or around November 10th – we will advise by email when to download. From that point forward, software will never have to be re-uploaded again, as it will self-update.

We have a new Credit Card Processor, which also accepts bank payments (USA Only)

There have been a ton of upgrade requests, and we will finish processing them all today. There are roughly 150 Division Account spots left at this time. Current price to upgrade is $150 for Division. Last 100 spots will be priced at $250. On November 10, Regional Accounts will cost $150.

Referrals are available for sale – they sell out fast, so if you are interested, now is the time.

We need to get to 100,000 members to make this work – everyone, get one person to sign up & we will be over the top.

Thank you, as always. We’re almost there.

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