make money autopilot well kind of

Here’s an affiliate link


OK so I gave a tried, so far, there’s a bot that can auto click for you no need to click it manually. So far it’s working, until probux improve their automatic clicking or disabling it by using some method similar to neobux or clixsense where you have to click on the red dot or click on the cat. However I highly recommend that you don’t cheat, including using a bot to do the clicking, it is a bad idea, and your account will get banned. Imagine you work so hard so long to get the account in good shape but later on it got banned because you use a bot to click for you, so bad bad idea, don’t use it, or use it at your own risk!

Eventually I think probux will have this enabled where bot can no longer be use. Otherwise advertisers on probux will move somewhere else, if they even have real advertisers LOL. Don’t invest money too much people! be careful.