[Referrals Earning Updates] IPUservices.com released news update and earning for referrals will work in the next 12 hours

As I have mentioned previously that IPUservices.com are aware of the problem, especially with the referrals earning. Look like in the next 12 hours or so, the referral earning will get updated as well. Now is the time to get your division manager position now! before it’s too late, 10 positions left for $150, after that it will be $250. Then that’s it for Division Manager.

From: IPU SERVICEs – News / Updates <[email protected]> To:
Sent: Thursday, November 28, 2013
Subject: IPU Services – Version 2.01

Thank You ALL – Everything is up and running!!

VERSION 2.01 – Most of you are already aware that Version 2.01 of the processing software is available for download on our website;

www.ipuservices.com/downloads.php (Be sure to fully un-install older version and remove sub-directory first)

If you have not downloaded and begun running this software, please do so now – this is the money-earning version!

This version corrected the constant “Loading…” issue that some of you had.

Downline Earnings – Some of you are having an issue with having your downline earnings not showing on your software or control panel. This issue has been corrected and will be implemented within the next 12 hours.

At this time, we are aware of no other issues with the software – All members should be earning $$$ at this time.

Black-Friday Sale – REFERRALS – From Friday until Monday, we will allow anyone, at any level, to purchase referrals at $3 each. We currently have 4000+ Referrals available, but they go fast. If you are planning on purchasing, obtain for yourself an EgoPay, Payza, SolidTrustPay, or BitCoin account at Mt. Gox, or pay by Western Union.

Also – There are only 110 Division Account spots left at this time. Current price to upgrade is $150 for Division. Last 100 spots will be priced at $250.

We are at 85,000+ members, but we need to get to 100,000 members to make this work – everyone, get one person to sign up & we will be over the top.

Thank you, as always. We’re almost there.

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