[SCAM NOT PAYING] Topcapitalist.com no longer adding fund making any payment

Do not invest with topcapitalist, unfortunately after almost 3 years. This online high yield investment program had gone SCAM, Fraud, emptied its bank and gone. Probably already started a new hyip, with new name and new identity. This is the game they play folks, similar to after90days, malaysian, and many others. Here today gone tomorrow.

Report to FTC Cyber authority will not have any impact. As I have already seen many HYIP similar to topcapitalist come and go, look at the Malaysian one and after90days one, all the same, disappeared or simply stopped operating. No one can do anything,¬†they just emptied their bank and went bye bye, or start a new hyip scam, if you want to invest in HYIP, get in and get out fast and use the profit to invest but never invest more, don’t be greedy, no law can protect you.

The alternative to topcapitalist is geniuscapital, they’re at the top now while topcapitalist went scam. It’s safe to invest with genius capital now, they will remain active for long life like topcapitalist. Get in and get out fast. Do not invest more money, use your existing profit to invest, and don’t be greedy if you want to be safe. You can take risk, but remember the chances of you loosing all your money is 99%, only 1% you will become rich. Think of it as, if it’s easy to get rich, anyone could have done it. Like a lottery!. But here you have choices. For me I choose to be safe, and it work out fine. Invest now with geniuscapital.