is a SCAM for over two weeks if you send money to invest it your money is gone forever

Ever since November 15th 2013 or around there, all existing customers whom invested in never got instant payment, and when contacting Support at no one respond. A week later still no payout all payment request pending. Then an email subject “verify” was sent to all members of asking for proof of identity, photos copy of “passport” driver license, bank statement, proof of residency and so on. Many people felt for this trick and sent their documents to topcapitalist, in fact flooded the mailbox exceed mailbox quotas. This is the biggest scam and continue to scam more and more members, the site still up and running, people doesn’t know this still investing, and too late to realize their money is gone, and they can never get it back because the payment processors for these hyip fraud scam are irreversible, you can never dispute the money is simply gone.

Please spread the word, let people know so they don’t make mistake sending free money to topcapitalist, since the website is still up people think it still legitimate. Fact is it had gone scam for over two weeks.

If you still want to invest in hyip then invest safely, don’t think that you will be the lucky one that will win the money and never invest again, not likely a lot of people is that lucky. The trick is to look for new legitimate, long lasting life hyip, get in and get out fast, or if you want to continue to invest then invest only with the profit you make, compound it certain percentage, set your goal to certain $ per day and don’t be greedy. Here’s a good one to invest Geniuscapital I’ve been with it for about a month, and they paid consistently instant and have a very secure professionally designed website.