[Trouble Paying] Topcapitalist after 3 years might have issue now that may point to closing soon

Hello folks, after over 3 years in operation. There are sign now that topcapitalist.com is closing down. Due to the fact that people has been reporting that they didn’t get payout payment request withdrawal all goes pending. Some very few reported it went through sometime and by selective members in small amount.

However there are some that speculate the reason payment didn’t go through because the payment processors no longer have any funding. The logic in paying the members as now are, [members request payment – if fund available and at certain amount then pay – if fund not available or request multiples times per day or certain amount limit then put request on withdrawal request] This is a sign of closing down. Then the other sign were, recently topcapitalist updated its news that has moved office, it has new bank, it has increased its bandwith new data center, and so on, these are just simply the work of all most professional HYIPs going toward its final stage, final attempts to get as many as much new investors or existing investors to invest more, once deposit high enough, they will start withdrawing to their anonymous bank and cash it out, once enough, they will stop paying and let the website running in autopilot. Autopilot in this case is new investors investors, older investors request payout get paid, and the cycle keep on repeating. There will be no more money added.

This is the end of topcapitalist. Over 3 years in operation, today is safe to say it has died. Please spread the words, DO NOT INVEST IN TOPCAPITALIST. The new website and similar operation 3 months old and will live as long or longer than topcapitalist is geniuscapital, get in and get out fast. geniuscapital some even speculated that it’s topcapitalist new site is geniuscapital due to some similarities in design and functionality even the plan, but some few enhancements. Expect life time for geniuscapital is as long as topcapitalist. So witch over to invest in geniuscapital today. Get in and get out fast, don’t wait 3 years later. Watch for news, all news from HYIPs are bad news, just look at it that way, even they say they expand operation and so on. Do not trust it. So invest now with geniuscapital they are very new.

Genius Capital Limited