[Waiting payout] coinbeez.com appears to be coming out strong

Although the only payment processors method they have so far is EgoPay, but they have been very active lately. Very aggressive to be exact! first they came out with command prompt version of the software similar to linux for windows, although Linux was initially first version released. Then now they have windows GUI, appears to be a very simple software, not showing a lot of stuff, simply system usage, and calculation of earning running. Off course a lot simpler than IPUServices.com and Coingeneration.com, those two are have different stories and of them are now SCAM.

Sometime aggressive and constant update can be scary, any indication of an attempt to get more investors, get more people sign up, get more people to spend money spent on them, EGOPAY as many know is irreversible! one way in no such thing as dispute or refund! So be careful! As many other HYIP out there, they SCAM people by being very active, proactive, updating news and to increase motivation, which increase people spending to buy in, and then the next thing you know is the program disappeared! gone with the wind! like topcapitalist, geniuscapital.net after90days and so on!

Coinbeez said that they will start paying this week, but so far nothing, just news and updates, just words, no action of payout yet, there are a few people went over $50 already waiting to get payout and so far nothing. Will see if coibeez will fulfill this promise, as the week hasn’t been over yet.