[Waiting Payout] Geniuscapital.net requested payout withdrawal pending

Today 2 of my request for payout withdrawal in pending status. When I requested payout withdrawal, I got a message basically saying being processed. No longer instant. However this isn’t my first one time encounter this issue. Ever since with Geniuscapital.net I have 3 pending, 1 long time ago and got processed went through completely within 24 hours. Now these two pending, will if it will get processed within 24hours.

Not to worry folks, I’m sure it’s a glitch of some sort, hopefully API system, since I don’t even get a message saying that payment being requested, normally with two email, one from geniuscapital and one from payment processors such as STP, EGOPAY and so on. Will keep everyone updated in the next 24 hours. See if it get approved and goes through.

The goods news, their Support Green all the time and very responsive fast! The other news is I no longer see a Chat Room. Stay tuned!