Well today is September 1st 2013 Go Live Beta software download for IPUServices?

*** Updated September 2nd 2013. It has been confirmed GoLive pushed to Next Week Friday. All registered members should have gotten the email.


For all of you whiner out there, I’m sure you’ve been going to the IPUServices.com website and kept on clicking on the Download link or refresh the download link or goes into the forum and spam about where’s the software not available for download yet so on and so forth! LOL. Well? as of now USA time East coast 3PM September 1st 2013, still not available for download yet. http://www.ipuservices.com/downloads.php

The update that you will see is “Beta Software will be available to Download shortly.” and it’s been sitting there technically the whole day. But – folks, please be patient! they’re working on it so don’t worry, 9/1 isn’t over yet and beside isn’t this week end Labor Day holiday week end here in the USA? so go out and enjoy fun time with your friends, family and so on. Making $1 to $2  a day isn’t worth it for you to stay home alone rejecting your friends and family invitation for a BBQ, don’t! 🙂

Anyhow, I say give it Tuesday, much better, because I’m sure once the software released, there will tons of people download and start attacking the server and will cause problems and bugs, so it’s probably better to wait and let all the guinea pig test it out first for the developer to fix all the bugs to make it more stable!