www.dollarsflowsystem.com appears to be legitimate as I’ve confirmation from a few people on forums and chat room

Thanks Luis for sending me some information about dollarsflowsystem.com Being that I’m away from HYIP and other similar multi-level marketing including so call pyramid scheme, ponzi scheme scam and so on, but I continue to read and research about it. The last invest I had were with coingeneration.com and coinbeez, I withdraw just in time and got my ROI back. Sadly IPUservices.com had tricked so many people giving them $150 for free and currently playing game with the members similar to coingeneration.com famous for lying, making up stories and delays to broken promise and eventually admitted not paying.

I will take a closer look at dollarsflowsystem.com in the next few days and weeks and months to come, I will be searching all over the internet forums about this dollarsflowsystem.com, so far it’s been working well for many people, no problem so far. Stay tuned. If you have information about dollarflowsystem.com feel free to send it my way to digest and comments about it. Thanks! 🙂

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Name: Luis
Subject: New opportunities
Message: Hi,

I frequently read your blog, I\’ve seen references to investment sites like coin generation, IPU, coinbeez, etc….

all the above suck at paying

Just to let you know about this one I\’m using since December and paying daily with no problems at all.

It\’s called DollarsFlowSystem. Do you know it ?

SIte is: http://www.dollarsflowsystem.com

This site doubles your investment in around 60 days.
It pays you a daily percentage from 2.0 to 4.0 % until your investment reaches 200%.

The reason I\’m telling you this is that the site will be closing new members registrations very soon and you might loose a position on it if you don\’t know it. They will lock registration to around 25 k users.

You can contact me back if you don\’t know this site to know some more about it or do your research as you usually do.

Best regards,