Gridseed g-blade working stable at 5.2mh/s from

Here’s another update after 2 days of continuous mining scrypt with my new g-blade gridseed from Still working stable at mining speed of 5200kh/s as advertise. Although I’ve seen and people reported that they can mine it at up to 6000kh/s I don’t know exactly how but I’m sure it has to do with changing the parameter in cgminer, bfminer or other mining software.

Off course, then there is this voltmoding so call, I believe they simply changing the resistance of one of the resistor on the blade, I find it not that easy because the resistor is so small and if we don’t have the proper size soldering tips, it could damage the components around it. However if you’re good with electrical soldering, then it should be ok, but try to get the variable resistor so that you adjust the resistance. Remember that it’s dangerous and void your warranty with the manufacturer, in this case I believe gridseed.

In conclusion for I give it a 4-5 stars did what they say to do, honest, and ok support responded within 24 hours not immediately though. So kudos to However I’m still currently trying to sort out my SP110 Dawson order, I placed this order via wire transfer but I didn’t initiate the transfer because the next day minersource announced that they are accepting credit card, so I emailed support to see if I can switch to paying by credit card, but it appears that are running of stock on the sp10 dawson. Also I don’t know how those points work for minersource, I thought it was for discount on future purchase.