Best of luck to my friend heading back to Vietnam this week end to get his wife to America

Finally this week end came and with extended long week end for many folks here in the USA observed Labor day as national Holiday, many company do pay their employees to take the day off. Apparently I don’t, because I don’t work for a company, I work for myself through a middle man that is. Don’t know for how long but don’t mind, I’m happy. I get to work remotely and the job isn’t too hard. At the same time I work on my Internet Entrepreneur degree self taught that is LOL learn from reading and actually doing, not from school see how it go.

Anyhow this entry is about that friend, a tall thin guy, battled with chemo and succeeded. He went with me over a year ago to Vietnam and it a secret, the main purpose was him to meet his g/f online for a long time and he didn’t tell me until we’re there 🙂 LOL. Anyhow so they met and dated and then flew back to America and they’ve decided to engage and then engagement happened 6 months later and then now he went back for wedding and bring her back to the USA.

I have to thanks this friend for all the years we hang out online and also visited once in a while. Although he’s weird sometime but who’s not weird sometime right? I wish I could have the budget to go with him to Vietnam but apparently not, some of the investment I put in various yielded no profit so far, but still hopeful some day :). Don’t worry these investments I know I use money that I will know chances are I will loose and never see it again for a long time, however if I get to see it then it will be big profit! 🙂

Still today many Vietnamese girls from Vietnam still aiming for so call “Viet Kieu” to married them and bring them to America, some still think in America money grow on tree. That’s a big misconception! wrong! money don’t grow on trees here in America, some even have to work few jobs to earn enough for rent and good living, however there are some know how to work for more money such as doing Nails and Hair Salon yield higher salary and the rule of thumb is “it’s not how much you make, but how you spent” and many Vietnamese succeeded in this, they know they can work hard for a few years but after that they relax and enjoy. However there are some that are still a bum 🙂

Good luck my friend, see you and your new bridge soon in America, will visit you soon at least I can.

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