Is net cast fishing permit or allow in the New Jersey and Delaware bay shore?

I’ve been researching to see if it’s legal or permitted to do net cast fishing in the New Jersey Delaware Bay, especially in the Northeast Cape May area Villas.

We will be in the North of Cape May Delaware. We rented a vacation home there, will spend long week end there. Oh yeah!, so now hackers know I’m away from home, preparing to hack me again for some reason whatever that may be, maybe because my web server is week and so script kiddie took advantage to turn my web server into a hacking machine hacking, using my ID to hack the web.

OK so, let’s get back to the main topic for this blog entry. Is net cast fishing permitted? I’ve not seen any information on the web that would indicate permitted or not, so I guess I can net cast fishing until someone told me so, and I will stop and hopefully I will not get fined big if were to get caught. Or perhaps net cast is permitted and doesn’t care about it since not much fish there or difficult to catch fish with net cast, or net cast will destroy your net because of the bottom has sharp objects or something similar to that matter.

When I was in Canada, I read about net cast fishing on both the Canadian border and US water, it is permitted but to catch certain fish such as bait fish and some other fish that are abundant, so I’m guessing same rule applied here. To me, the bottom line is, I go fishing with a permit and to catch fish, as long as I know my quota and the size of the fish I can catch then I think it’s within the compliance area. As long that I’m not fishing or catching fish in a way to destroy the fish population or commercial fishing. Will see.