1A20.com New title new slogan :)

Well I made a decision just now to take down Coingeneration scam title and slogan. I think by now everyone know coingeneration.com is a scam and their website isn’t working properly, so I thought it’s time to prepare to put up a new website similar to coingeneration.com that appears to be scamming. Most people know which website I’m talking about which I’m not mentioning for now. As more and more people reporting problems and issue, I will re-analyze and put it up as title and slogan soon enough.

I know that I have at least two people are my fan of 1a20.com, thank you. However for me blogging is fun, helping me to improves my English, since English is not my native language, it’s my second language, I’m fluent in another language. I’m sure you notice my English grammar is terrible and vocabulary words aren’t popular either. I think by having this blog, it will help me and at least two other persons get informed and hear each other opinions that are original, not bias, honest and up to date, especially in the field of technology.

I don’t expect to have much people reading my blog because of major English grammar issue, and sometime only pertain to one specific topic that is how to make money online safely, and how to be aware of scam online.

As always I will try to do careful research before voicing my opnion. Note that I tried not to be bias, make up stories or opinion based on a non experience person. I’m a hands on person, I normally test things out first, tried to get the facts first.