AC fan blower motor or condenser not working? here’s how to fix it

This is a new house. We’ve been here for about 5 years or so. Our AC blower or condenser motor stopped working a couple days ago. How I found out was when hearing loud humming sound in the back. Went outside the heat from the compressor unit was super hot, I noticed the motor fan not spinning. Immediately I went online and did some research. Found out many other people whom have similar AC unit from Lennox encountered similar problem and it cost even the hundreds of dollars to repair.

What I did to trouble shoot were.

  1. Pull the shut off switch so that the AC unit is off. By the way, I’m talking about the big giant compressor unit in the outside of the house with the big fan.
  2. Unscrew the whole thing. Well unscrew so that you can remove the fan and he control box, the one with a bunch of wires.
  3. Check the capacitor, ensure it’s not bulging, not leaking. Rusty is ok. If it’s bulging then the capacitor is bad, replace it. If you have a meter to test the capacitance then measure it, just to make sure it is dead. In my case it was fine.
  4. Disconnect the fan cables, ensure to take a snapshot picture of where all the wires should connect back, so you know where to connect back.
  5. Take the fan module out.
  6. Spin the fan, it should freely move easily with no effort or excessive force to move it. If it doesn’t move easily, your motor is bad. In my case, the motor was bad, I can barely spin┬áthe fan blade.
      1. Repair the fan motor instead of buying new one, however you can place an order for a new one just in case.
      2. To repair. Open the motor completely. Ensure to take snap shot pictures or remember how to put it back.
      3. Spray all parts components of the motor with Electronic Parts Cleaner spray can.
      4. Use WD40 spray to loosen the fan shaft and bearings. Repeat the process, don’t let WD40 excessively flow into the inside of the motor. Spray a little bit each time to loosen the shaft and when it can move freely you’re good.
      5. Lubricate with all purpose oil where needed inside the motor and the shaft and bearings.
      6. put the motor back together. Install the fan blade on the shaft and try spinning it, it should be good, move freely and easier than before

That’s it! ­čÖé

Save a couple hundreds dollars.