Aftermath of Teamviewer got hacked consolidate Dogecoin wallets

This is in continuing update of my Teamviewer account got hacked.

Consolidating Dogecoin Wallets into one.

Over the past few months or a year or so. I’ve been mining Dogecoin here and there. Got scammed here and there with Dogecoin. At the moment I found out that I have many different Dogecoin wallets, maybe 100 dogecoin wallets perhaps scattered all over on different computers and even on online back up services websites such as google and dropbox. So what I need to do now is to consolidate them, and hopefully it didn’t get emptied by a hacker last night hacked my teamviewer.

Many computer savvy people I talked to earlier today in chat room and forum. They told me that they considered that hacker whom hacked my teamviewer account isn’t a hacker, rather a script kiddies or someone just lucky enough to have been monitoring my network activities and I made a mistake disclosing my Teamviewer accoutn somehow, maybe through keylogger some sort, and boom now the hacker have my account. Again, not a real hacker in this case. A real hacker by definition must know how to write codes, and exploit, not script kiddies. In any case, I got hacked 🙂

So how I clean my dogecoins wallets and combined into one?

First Open one wallet at a time, in this case I have and use Multidoge. I open one at a time, let it synched to the network 100% completed. Copy and paste the wallet address to dogechain website to compare the balance. Once balance matched. I went ahead and transferred to my master dogecoin wallet on another computer which can be taken offline any time, in fact I take it off line when done. Now if you have a different balance showing on dogecoinwallet (multidoge) then the balance showing up in dogechain then you need to reset block chain, or you can try to move the balance showing up on the dogechain instead of the wallet client multidoge, it may work. This is to ensure you move your complete balance accurately.

It’s also a good idea when you compelted consolidating your dogecoin wallet, it’s best to do check and balances ensure what you moved match with the final balance on new one wallet.

Once done, change password, back it up, encrypt it, store it away. Ensure the computer is free of viruses also.