Asteroid Apophis will hit Earth in the year 2036? how about 19 thousand miles away

Asteroid Apophis is scheduled to fly by Earth in the year 2036, as it getting closer the prediction getting more precise from NASA, it will be away from earth so far 15 to 19 thousand miles but earth and moon gravity and other space elements might change it course to hit Earth 🙂 maybe that Death Star construction in 2016 was a good idea but too bad got struck down by Congress due cost of $852 quad trillions dollars which we could have create a teaspoon of anti-matters or black matters to turn Earth into a giant spaceship to travel out of the solar system LOL 🙂

Again my personal opinion, if we have that much money of $852 quad trillions dollars we would be looking into creating an alternative to the Death or Dead Star, we could look into creating anti-matters or black-matters and use it to power planet Earth either to shift its course gravitational rotation around the sun or possibly turned Earth into a giant spaceship fly out of the Solar System.

The Petition however I think is a joke, it was created just to see how easy to get petition signed, and I bet the Anonymous hackers have something to do with creating that petition and getting over 35,000 signatures! They have proven their point, it’s not hard to get any petition created and signed, but that just a waste of time for them and congress to look into any petition that have more than 25,000 signed.