AT&T came out with many competitive pricing on shared plan

Whether you have AT&T or not, you would probably see commercial on TV, radio or on the internet about AT&T having these very special deal on unlimited text talk shared plant among all phones family plant that is. It is true and it’s a good thing I checked.

I have three phones, recently just upgraded two lines to an HTC One and a whopping $160 plan or so with limited minutes talk and no text, limited 200MB individual data plan. Good thing I saw the commercial and contacted AT&T. They fixed me up with a plan, unlimited text talk, and 300MB data shared among all phones. This come out to be $33 a month, so it does beat the competitor cheapest I see was $35  a month unlimited everything even data, but I doubt the data is unlimited, on top of that those other competitors don’t have as good reception due lack or limited antenna installed in some area.

With AT&T I believe they do have the best coverage antennas everywhere and very strong too. I’ve been with Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and some other smaller ones, but the best coverage is AT&T expensive too, but not anymore! that’s right AT&T now beating up the competitor price with their unlimited text talk, and data share plan phones. It’s awesome!

So check your cell phones plan, AT&T don’t contact you about better pricing, so do your homework and maybe call AT&T or check out their latest plan pricing on the website, I’m sure you will save big money. I did. My monthly was over $150 each month, last month was the worst I had to pay $245, mostly due to $70 activation fee for the two new phone. Even without the activation I’m paying like $ above $150 a month, like $175 or so or more. So I will be paying $100 a month now for three phones with unlimited text talk, shared, 300mb data, I think it’s a great deal!