Being sick sucks fever then sore throat now with thick mucus

I hate being sick, I’m sure many other people doesn’t like it either. The one I have right now, a few days ago I have a sore throat, then thick mucus, then trying to cough out all the mucus but it’s not easy. I did some research turned out to be a small minor infection, the fever was due to my body fighting the infection, so does the mucus in my throat fighting infection, nope I didn’t use any medication, just drink lots of water, I think I made it worst yesterday by eating hot wings and hot spicy BBQ chicken, I think I upset my throat lol. Well I’m taking it easy today, hope it will heal before I head to Dorney Park this week end. By the way, eat whatever you want when you’re sick, the calories intake doesn’t count because when you sick your body burned a lot of calories 🙂