BTC-E changed deposit address of your Bitcoin Litecoin double check

By now, most if not everyone received an email from BTC-E notice below. Basically it’s true, you need to update the deposit address on your pool or where ever, from your wallet address book Bitcoin Litecoin BTC LTC, you need to double check and update. Otherwise your coins will disappear in thin air and you will never be able to get it back. Well, not really, you would have to work harder with BTC-E, they might be able to get it for you. Basically do it now.

Dear clients,
Due a hard work on update of deposit core on our exchange we updated all BTC and LTC deposit coin’s addresses for all users.
Please do not forget to update deposit addresses on pools. We will not be able to accept coins on old addresses.
Deposit/Withdrawal of NMC, NVC, FTC, XPM, PPC, TRC operating normally.
Do not forget to check an address where you sending your coins.
BTC-e Team