Can I quit my job and start a blog? that’s the question for many!

It’s not only for people who are currently working and also for people who are not currently working. Can you start a blog and make money? People who are currently working but feeling that they’re not going anywhere up or get more respect or get raise anytime soon, and some even feel that they will get laid off soon company reducing headcount. So what are the alternative, well let say it had happened to me more than a year ago, and I decide to continue pursuing career work from home, obviously it has to do with online, unless you can make something and sell it to someone but still required online the internet. I started blogging, although english is my second language and I barely passed grammar school.

However having english as my second language and barely passed english grammar school, that doesn’t stop me from blogging or so call micro blogging like twitter, I just say what I feel like, I blog what I see or heard either from someone or TV radio or reading an article online, basically share my thought publicly. Then I realized that I can turn it into a blog like this one, and put google adsense on it to hope it will attract someone to click on the ads 🙂 it guess what it work, I wouldn’t say that it make money for a nice living, but enough money to get started and move up, taking it up to the next level.

Google adsense isn’t the only company that will pay you money for ads put on your blog or website. I’ve tried Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Clicksor, Chitika,, and so on, put various ads on your site, and the most important rule of all, read the their term of service, I’m sure all of them are similar, no illegal contents such as naked porn chil porn and so on. If you follow the rule, you’ll be fine. Then start blogging, you can multiple blog to make more money, ensure your contents are original not copy from someone else, now a day with technology advertisers companies know you’re copying contents instead of creating it yourself and if so you will gen penalized and eventually banned if kept on violating term of service.

Here are some tips from my own experience:

  1. Get free blog such as from, and start blogging.
  2. Apply for google adsense account based on your blog website
  3. Go to forum and share your blog, but not spamming
  4. Apply for affiliate such as
  5. Put Adsense and affiliate links on your blog
  6. Share your blog with other blogger or forums generating backlinks
how to quit your job and start a blog to make money online

how to quit your job and start a blog to make money online

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