Can Perk TV detect your Verizon Fios group of static IP belong to one account?

The answer is yes.

Perk TV app for android specifically giving Perk a lot of access to your phone, and no doubt it can ping nslookup and other network tools program to check your network configuration.

So let say if you have Verizon Fios Static IP, and you purchased a block of 13 staticIPs. You have 13 computers and assign a unique static IP to each computer, and you go online to google search IP, or myip, or ipchicken to see your internet IP, it does show unique IP, so you’re good right? WRONG! to the naked eye, meaning if you run a server and someone access your server you will see their IP and certainly you can do ping, nslookup, dns so on and so fourth it will show you those detail. However what you don’t see would be the IP belong or in the same gateway or ONT verizon fios box. Perk TV can see this, because Perk TV app have access to your network through Perk App and check scan your internet network because you allow it access on your android devices.

Knowing that you download and install Perk App, you agreed that PERK TV app have access to your android devices fully. Perk TV app can run certain program remotely to check your phone ID, location, IP address, internet network gateway DNS lookup and it can determine if any other IP associated to this static IP. So let say your ISP verizon fios gave a block of static IP to, 2 DNS IP, but only 1 gateway IP. The gateway IP is the key, Perk APP will detect this gateway same IP combination with the DNS to determine your IP belong to the same ONT box. Sure you can say that well you live in apartment building where it’s under 1 ONT box with 13 resident, therefore 13 IP per resident, good luck with that. Perk TV is iffy when it come to violation of services, whatever explanation you have, off course it’s true, but Perk TV can ignore your message, and await for your Government Issued ID. Don’t send government issued id to anyone other financial services.